What do you get for your anniversary presents?

  1. SO my 4th year anniversary is coming up with my Dbf, yes were not married but we act like it lol! (im 19 hes 22)
    And he just keeps asking me, what do you want what do you want!?
    I really have no clue!:confused1: He says he would rather not buy me a bag, because he said he buys me those anyway through out the year..
    So i was just looking for some ideas!
    I have around a £600 / $1200 limit so i know i could get something really lovely, but i have run out of ideas!!:idea:

    I really like jewelry and i was thinking of getting a tiffany set, necklace and bracelet but i was unsure of whether it is fitting?!

    Lol, i have no idea! SO just wanted to know what everyone else chooses!

  2. Hubby and I don't really do the anniversary gift thing. We buy gifts for each other throughout the year, and surprise each other with little things that we see and think are thoughtful.

    If something is bought for an anniversary, we tend to buy things that both of us will use. Since that's only happened once, it was a vacation, lol
  3. We are prett much past the point of anniversay gifts too...we do try to get away the weekend before or after to either a really nice hotel or inn. If our day falls during the week I always make a really nice dinner of his favorites and buy a nice cake (I don't bake)....he always shows up w/flowers. Simple and sweet...and we are working on 20 years!
  4. We generally choose traveling as our gift to each other, it started with little weekends away and now we're into bigger trips. I think the best way for us to celebrate our anniversary with each other is to escape, reconnect and spend loads of time together.
  5. Me and my bf have been together 4 years today :yahoo:

    We just get each other little presents, I've bought him a book, a medal (private joke!) and an egg cup shaped like a land rover.

    We don't have a huge amount of money but we'll probably go out for the day somewhere at the weekend.
  6. We go away every year. Usually two nights in Atlantic City in a really nice room and a really nice dinner. The gifts are usually for birthdays and Christmas.
  7. I'd get a nice piece of jewelry, maybe a tennis bracelet. I'm big on jewelry gifts, always have been.
  8. Well he is taking me to London for 3 days, going to all the big sights etc, but he wants to buy me something i can have too!

    ^Yes tennis bracelets are lovely!
  9. I usually get something from T&Co or LV ;)
  10. Luva Pug, have you seen the jewelry on Etsy - fabulous! What kind of jewelry do you like? Please give us an idea - there might be something you'd love on Etsy :smile:

    Jewelry by ninadinoff


    howlindoggie - ode to Matisse earrings



    mylittlestore - teardrop box



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  11. My 1st marriage anniversary is coming up this weekend. I have the same limit as you! But I also dont know what I want. I showed my husband this pink sapphire ring with diamonds all around it.

    A trip sounds like a great idea. We're going to Vegas this weekend...we got married there a year ago this Sat.
  12. My BF and I will have our three year anniversary on September 23. We've always celebrated it. We usually just exchange gifts, but nothing extravagant. He'll buy me something I've wanted, like fragrance or something like that, and we'll go out to dinner. I don't know what he has in mind for Sunday, but it will be interesting to find out. We don't usually discuss whatever we do before hand, we just sort of play it by ear.
  13. I had my first anniversary in June and I had been wanting a car instead of our SUV... DH got me my BMW 335i. The dealership put a red bow on it and everything!! I was sooooo excited. But it's a coupe and that was before I was prego so now we're gonna be getting me something else and I'm assuming he's gonna take over my gift for awhile LoL.
    I got him a gun. Yeah... not as nice as a car, but he's a gun enthusiast and I came up on a rare find so he was pretty happy about it.
  14. With my ex, I got diamond jewelry.
  15. My hubby has been very generous. We've been married 2 years and I got 2 diamond bands.