what do you get for a bridal shower?

  1. So, an old friend of mine is getting married in 2 months. We don't talk that much anymore but I'm sure we will always be in each others lives because of our history. Here's the dilemma. I don't have CRAZY amounts of money and have already spent over $900 for her bachelorette party in Vegas, her law school graduation present, her wedding gift, and her recent birthday. What more could I possibly do? What is an okay present to bring to her bridal shower next week??
  2. Is she registered anywhere?
  3. What's your budget, please?
  4. I think the scarf would be a gorgeous gift- very thoughtful and unique!
  5. cool, thanks ladies!!!!!
  6. weddings - they drive everyone in them and around them broke!! (I was just in one this past weekend)....

    well, as for the gift, Find something small and meaningful. What about a "ring dish" to hold her wedding/engagement ring? They run anywhere from $20 - $100, depending on the brand / material. Waterford has a nice lower-priced line called "Marquis" - very nice, contempory styles. Look at this one: only $39 at Macys!

    Here's the Waterford one (closer to $100). [​IMG]
  7. I give practically the same gift for weddings or showers. Tiffany crystal champagne flutes. They start at only $25 each...
  8. Something I give all brides that I am close to is a British "six pence". I believe these coins are no longer being minted but you can find them from a coin dealer or some bridal shops.

    Most people are familar with the old poem....

    "Something Old
    Something New
    Something Borrowed
    Something Blue"

    But few know there's a last line.....

    "And a six pence for my shoe"

    Other gifts for Bridal showers .... Which in my opinion is more about the bride and more casual and fun than the actual wedding gift.

    Lingerie (only if you know the bride well and know her tastes)

    Crystal photo frame

    Something unexpected that is personized for the couple. (matching aprons with their names for instance)

    One more thing I LOVE doing at bridal showers is making "bow bouquet" for the bride. I take a paper plate and poke a hole in the center. Then thread through ribbons from the gifts while the bride unwraps her presents. Lastly tie on the bows and tape some if necessary. Voila, a bow bouquet for the bride to keep as a keepsake and more importantly use during her wedding rehearsal. I know this sounds so cheezy, but EVERY bride I've done this for has LOVED it!!!
  9. Buy something off the registry!!! There is a reason people register, it is because it is stuff they would love to have as a gift and it is useful to them instead of something random that they might end up wanting to return!

    I have one this weekend too... split a larger gift with someone else and got her a pretty serving platter she wanted.
  10. MaxHavoc, excellent suggestions!

    Also like yvalenz's suggestion of a ring dish. Here is something a little rustic:

    It's a sold item but can be custom-made again, perhaps with the bride and bridegroom's names inscribed:

    ParadiseHillDesigns weathered ring box


    willowglass fused glass ring dish or jewelry tray

  11. I give an 11x14 silver or crystal frame for the future wedding photo. In the past, I bought them from Hallmark. There are some sizeable yet affordable frames that cater more towards the wedding theme. The last one I bought was a large silver frame with an organic floral motif curving around the corner. I don't think it was more than $50. When I last visited the bride's home, it was displayed on their shelf with their wedding photo.
  12. this thread is over 2 years old, I think she bought her a gift already, lol