What Do You Get A Best Friend For Our 25th "Anniversary"?

  1. Hello everyone! My friend and I have been friends since the first day we met! We're old ladies now - 41 and 42 respectively - but we first became friends being food baggers at the now defunct market - Alpha Beta (anyone remember Alpha Beta???) - :angel:

    Anyway, it was buds a first sight - we've been through EVERYTHING together - the guys (oh my God)....the harrowing late teens, twenties, thirties, weddings, babies (including delivery rooms, hers though not mine)....deaths, you name it.

    So she's NOT into bags. That would have been easy. She loves her Banana Republic bag and it's all she wears. Doesn't care to expand. She has tons of clothes, shoes and she could open up her own earring shop. We even did the gold heart separation necklace thing when she turned 35 where like one half says "best" and the other one says "friend".

    So now what? I'm really wracking my brain? A trip to a spa? I HATE massages....she keeps her nails super short and isn't into polish too much - I dunno.....:shrugs:

    Any ideas?????

    TIA GUYS!!!! :smooch:
  2. Maybe a really nice basket of wine with cheese. My mom sent that to one of her friends and she loved it.
  3. can you make like a photo collage or scrapbook of your memories together? I know it might take a lot of work - but that would be an extraordinary present. Or how about a girls weekend away together?
  4. What about a weekend get away w/ the two of you? Or if you can't do that, what about a night out going to a show/play/concert and nice dinner and make up a photo album- a small one- that has pictures of you guys w/ little mementos and your personal memories of the occasions. There are tons of cute scrapbooking papers and stickers that would make that sentimental and pretty.
  5. How funny- we posted right at the same time w/ the same thoughts!
  6. I think a weekend getaway to really spend some time together would be fun. It would create even more memories for you two to share. Building on dusty paw's & elizat's suggestion, I would go of a collage including the weekend together if you do it. congrats on having someone so close you can count on in your life for so long. :flowers:
  7. WOW! First, congrats on the anniversary! The only people I know from 25 years ago are related to me!

    I like the weekend away idea as well as the memory book...I'm sure both would be highly enjoyed and appreciated. But at the same time, something I've learned here, sometimes it's just wonderful to get a gift you would absolutely not buy for yourself.

    Your friendship sounds super-special. And very rare, congrats!
  8. Hey Speedy - thank you! Yes, it's quite the friendship. We've only had two major blowups in our friendship....one was over a guy (insert 'roll eyes' here) and the other was over her Masters Degree certificate hanging on her wall (don't ask).....

    Between the two of us we have 6 kids (I have four, she has two)....my husband is only 5'6 and weighs 180 pounds..her husband is 6'4" and weighs 380 pounds, her hubby loves sports, mine throws the Sports Section FIRST in the morning paper.....:shrugs:

    She's had a hard time growing up as a latchkey kid.....we're both from families of divorce....we went to the same college (Cal State Northridge), and I remember how jealous I was when she graduated high school, her mom gave her the keys to her bright yellow VW Rabbit!!! With a Rush sticker on the back!!!! :rolleyes:

    I'm going through stressful times - she's turned to One With The Universe....and usually when I've helped her through hard times, she's helping me when I have anxiety attacks....so it's always been a give and take.

    Thank Goodness, we've NEVER had the same taste in guys. All her boyfriends never liked me and vice versa....otherwise, there would have been problems.....;)

    Keep those ideas coming. It's so helpful! :okay:
  9. Oh, wow! Yup, sounds like a wonderful relationship... really, I mean that.. the two blow ups were over something silly! I gotta hand it to you though... surviving someone who's "one" with the Universe isn't easy! I know, I'm one of those "ones" at times! Explains why I don't know anyone from when I was 25, eh? LOL!

    I'm thikning a nice weekend away still... you are on the west coast like me, a trip to the beach or a resort off-season sound feasable? I know for me, even the cold is worth braving for some "me" time awat from family, and she can still be "one". (I feel like I stepped into an old Star Trek episode... remember the one with the hippie group who highjacked the Enterprise to fly to "Eden" and the fruit is posioned as well as the ground? I think it was a political statement about wandering around barefooot. ;)
  10. wow first of all I think it's amazing that you guys have managed to stay together 25 years and with only 2 fights! What's your budget like for the present? I agree with a girls weekend away somewhere, or if you're not looking to spend that much then maybe a collage/scrapbook. Or maybe you can upgrade your friendship necklaces to matching ones from a nice jeweler.