What do you gals think about Jane Iredale?

  1. Hi Ladies - I recently discovered the beauty bar. (I'm usually gabbing about handbags) Anyway, I just discovered Jane Iredale's cosmetic line, and although the jury is not out yet, I have to say that I think I really like this makeup. I hardly feel it on my skin, yet the stuff does seem to wear really well. I used to be a big BE fan for minerals, but I got tired of the loose makeup in the pots. Plus, for some reason, I just wasn't getting the coverage anymore. JI presses hers and her base is really nice. (She does have loose minerals in her line too, but I find the pressed a lot more convenient.) Anyone else here a user? Any recomendations re: colors etc.?
  2. I am so glad you asked this!
    A spa in my town just started carrying this brand and as an introductory offer they have it all on 20% off! I've been wanting a mineral foundation for a while and I'm deciding whether or no to go ahead and buy it.
    Any opinions?
  3. I like jane iredale's cosmetics. The pressed foundation is great!
  4. I use the lipsticks, glosses and eye shadows. I think it's really nice. Never tried the foundation, though, as I don't wear any.
  5. I've tried both Jane Iredale and BE loose foundations and like them both. I ended up staying with BE - I like that line a lot. Their faux tan loose powder even works on my super pale Irish skin and I love that the products are 100% minerals and don't spoil - that works great for a makeup junkie like me - I have enough to last a lifetime or two.
  6. I used to use the foundation. I had the pressed one as well as the liquid minerals. I used to have very problematic skin and this line was great for me since didn't cause any additional acne or irritations.
    The line is pretty expensive so if you have a discount, I say go for it!
    I also bought the Absence to control shine and as a primer. It works well but not great and I think I paid about 60 bucks for it. Not worth it in my opinion.
    Haven't tried anything else aside from their complexion products.
  7. I would love to know if anyone uses 24-Karat Gold Dust. Can you wear it during the day?
  8. I was wondering if they last all day. I'm sure they can be worn in the daytime because I use the sunbeam bronzer that has more of a rose tone to it (more of the cool tones) and it has the gold in it. The gold is just enough to give a slight glow.
  9. I have the pressed and loose base...much prefer the pressed; I think it's a little more matte. The eyeshadows are really nice, as is the blush. I think the foundation is really the stand out though.
  10. Thanks for all your replies.
  11. my sister has problem skin and it really helped her face.
  12. It's really great. I loved the feel and texture on my skin. Plus, it looks so real and makes you NOT look like you're wearing ANY make up at all! Pity I didn't get it when I was in London. I'm still looking for it in Singapore!
  13. Jane Iredale LipDrink is my HG lipbalm! I just wish it was sold in more places. I got mine at a doctor's office.