what do you gals (& guys) think? block?


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Jun 7, 2010
ok... this buyer is interested in a NWT dress I have listed. granted she's new to ebay, and has more questions... but the excessive messages are getting annoying... (all these messaging happened within a week. the newest one I got was from last night.)

buyer: "hi, has this dress ever been worn? how much for postage to australia? thanks!" (NOTE: I have shipping calculator...)
seller: "No. This dress is New with tags attached, meaning it has never been worn. Shipping to Austrilia is quoted at $XX via Priority Mail International. But we will refund any overpaid shipping and handling fees if any, after item is shipped. Please let us know if you have further questions. Thank you!"

buyer: "hi, is the picture you have listed with the red and yellow on the bust area the exact picture of the dress for sale? thanks!!"
seller: "Yes. Please let us know if you have further question. Thank you!"

buyer: "hi, can you please send exact picture of dress for sale to email: XXXXX@gmail.com i want to see the colour distribution of the dress. thanks!"
seller: "Thank you for your interest. We are away on vacation at the moment for Independence Day weekend. We will send pictures as soon as possible. Thank you!" (NOTE: Pics were sent after I got back from vacation. I retook pictures. But the dress looks exactly the same in my listing.)

buyer: "thanks so much! just wondering - other american sellers have a similar dress listed as postage to australia via Priority Mail International as $XX US - just wondering why there would be a difference? thanks again so much!!"
seller: "We have adjusted shipping rate to flat rate service. Please check shipping calculator in the listing for shipping cost. Thank you!" (NOTE: I had regular PMI listed instead of flat rate envelope.)
buyer: "thanks so much!"

buyer: "Hi, Can I offer you US$30 for this dress? thanks! XXXXX@gmail.com" (NOTE: the dress was listed at $39.99 BIN with NO best offer option.)
seller: "Sorry. No. Thanks."

buyer: "Hi, Can I offer you US$35 for this dress? thanks! XXXXX@gmail.com"
seller: "Sorry. We do NOT have 'best offer' option in our listing. Our BIN price is firm and non-negotiable. Thanks!"

I normally wouldn't block buyers unless I was unfortunate enough to have dealt with them previously and would love to avoid the frustration again. but this one just screams trouble... what do you gals (and guys) think? should I block?
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Jun 29, 2007
Plus she's overseas - it may sound bad but now I ask overseas buyers to send me a message and then I put them on my approval list if they seem normal and easy to deal with. This is because I've had too many nightmares overseas including someone who asked to cancel a transaction after I had already mailed a bag to Paris! Luckily it has all turned out ok but this gives me more piece of mind.


Aug 29, 2007
I might block this one....I don't mind questions, and I realize that sometimes after a buyer (myself included when I buy) asks one question and it is answered, you sometimes think of another question afterwards....and you do end you emails with "please let us know if you have any further questions" (sometimes) ....but then I do too when I sell.

This buyer seems like a pest to me....I understand trying to get a deal, and don't mind those types of questions...it's the nature of ebay.....but this one seems too pesty for my taste. How do you feel....so you get a slightly uneasy feeling?

Always go with your gut.