what do you find yourself using more? classique or day?

  1. Ladies with those drooling collections, whether it be one or twenty, which do you find yourself using more?
  2. Among 9...I have 3 The First and 1 single Day...So the Classique for me :smile:
  3. My Day bags are so much easier to use.
  4. I used the rouge Day (sold already) only once for travel while I use my black First practically everyday.
  5. Have been using my Day a lot lately, but love the Firsts as well. Think I prefer the Day for larger loads - stuff that other girls might choose a city or work for - and the classiques are for more leisurely occasions... not just the evening, but days when I don't have to lug around a ton.
  6. I use my First only on occasion and my Day/Hobo at least 2x a week.
  7. I reckon FIRST. Day is too deep (?)
  8. Day. First is too small (for me).
  9. Day all the way...the first is too small for me but plan on getting one for evenings out as soon as my ban is over.
  10. i'm not a fans of day, i don't have single one of day :p
  11. I have 1 Day and 3 Firsts, and still manage to use my 1 Day more. It's very easy to carry and fits more. And mine is in a luscious 05 Rouge Theater, makes me want to weep with joy every time I look at it.:crybaby: