What do you Fendi Spy lovers know about this bag???

  1. At first, I thought this spy carried by Nicky Hilton was frightening....but then all of a sudden it grew on me. I called the Fendi store in so cal and they had NO idea which one it was or any info about it!! :shrugs:
  2. I didn't find it attractive at first sight but I did see the real thing. It looks more modern in a sense and somewhat artistic. It's a colourful patent zucca print.
  3. I just saw this bag yesterday at my local Milan Station....don't know how much they were asking for it, though.....
  4. it looks cute and colorful but not for me to invest in it
  5. I didn't really like it when I first saw it, I thought it was a bit too much, but now it's kind of growing on me :shame:
  6. Sorry, I still don't much care for it.
  7. I am pretty sure it's called Fendi Spalmati Spy. I hope this helps.
  8. Thanks for your help- I am still on the fence about it. I love the spy bag in any color or material and this one is just something different to think about- a little out of the ordinary!:upsidedown:
  9. That was on LVR about a month ago.
  10. ewww
  11. It's the Spalmati Spy Bag; I actually have the small satchel.


    I liked the big one but found it a bit overpowering. I get compliments like CRAZY on mine.
  12. Soooooo cute Kabella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P
  13. For those of you interested in this spy, there is one on jomashop.com for half price brand new. This is authentic as Decophile bought an authentic metallic spy from them half off too. Also brand new.
  14. Kimmi's right. That's also what rolexgirl is looking at. She too has already bought an authentic Spy from Jomashop, and I've since bought a couple of Fendi make-up bags.
  15. Yup! Just still am on the fence!!!!:shrugs: