What do you feel?


Jan 6, 2013
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I see so much fake Louis Vuitton bags everywhere wearing by so many proud girls. Wearing mine while walking down the street or the mall and seeing others wearing the fake ones makes me feel awkward and bothered at the same time, because some might think that mine is fake too although I know that i have genuine and don't care about what other may think at all. I just feel bothered about it sometimes.

If I were you, what would be your feeling towards it?


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Aug 6, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
It's going to happen and it's inevitable. I have friends with fake bags and I'm proud to say mine are REAL... I am not embarrassed or ever think someone thinks mine are fake... and if they do, WHO CARES?? I KNOW what I'm carrying is my genuine, beautiful, and lustful LV :smile:


Jul 21, 2011
I don't care when I see people with a fake bc if I can tell I know others can and they themselves know its fake. What I don't like is when someone buys a fake and says "it looks just like yours and I paid $10 bucks" um I'm sorry but it doesn't. And I can spot it as a fake a mile away!! SMH


Jan 30, 2013
I get how you feel. I see ladies with all kinds of bags. I never try to guess are they real or fake. I have myself incited a woman to purchase a fake Dooney and Bourke that she made sure I saw. I just laughed.

I have been ogled in the Summer while wearing a T shirt by a lady who was captivated by my Double D's. She was either a woman who liked women and liked my breast or she was ogling because she was trying to figure out if they were "real" or not. I prefer if she just asked me. I figured she was trying to figure out if they were fake or not because the next day she had on a prominent bra and made sure she sat near me on the train so I could see how she doubled in size. Thumbs up lady! U never looked better!

People do what they have to do to feel and look good, no matter what that is. Fake bags, wigs, extensions, breast implants, booty shots/implants, fat transfer, lip injections. It's all for the end result, feeling and looking good. Sometimes even these people forget what they did to themselves or bought for themselves was for, the end result. They get lost in the who got what syndrome and the identification of genuine body parts and expensive bags game. It's a never ending thing that in the end will not matter a bit.

I don't bother trying to figure out whose bag is real. I don't care. I will have my Louis Vuitton and love it! If someone wastes precious time trying to figure out if my bag is real or not then that's a shame. They need a hobby. I am not trying to put you down when I say that. Your question and feelings are valid. I'm not making light of you at all. I say that because I don't want you to misunderstand me.

Don't worry about anyone else having a fake bag and feeling like you blend in with them. Don't feel awkward. Don't feel bothered. U got your real LV and the way you carry yourself with confidence and pride will show through any suspicions to the people who can tell. People in the know. People with Class.

Diddy said it best in a rap, I can't remember which one it was.

"To you it's a Bentley, to me it's a Blue Car."

I am guessing this means that the name brand means more to you than it does me. Although I own it, I don't worship it. Possibly some of the pompous fake bag carriers worship it so much that they "need" to get the fake. U don't. U rock your genuine with pride and class.

Mainly I don't want you feeling like you blend in with them. You don't. You never will. Who you are shines through.


Mar 1, 2006
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Another thread with this same topic! A search would bring up a slew of posts about how people feel about others carrying replicas. I personally don't care what anyone else is carrying, driving, wearing, eating, doing, etc., as long as it doesn't directly impact me. :biggrin:

Maybe it's an age related topic/issue? I'm way old, so have had plenty of time to learn not to care about what others think of me, the clothes I wear, the bags I carry, the car I drive, on and on.


Oct 6, 2011
Sierra Nevada Mountains CA
If you saw my counterfeiting thread, I guess you would put me on ignore when asking these tyes of questions.

I feel that people take counterfeiting waaay too lightly. Selling the bags is a crime, there is lesiglation in the works to make purchasing them a crime in the US. The working conditions of those making the bags is completely unregulated (don't start in on me about legally sold bags working conditions, at least because they are sold legally there is some possibility for change). The profits from the bags go to support sex trafficking, terrorists etc...generally illegal activies.

Counterfeiting is a major problem. 18% of counterfeited products in the UK were LV. That is the most recent statistic I read. That is huge if you consider *all* the products that are counterfeited, so fake LV.....not to be taken lightly. LV and the government do not take it lightly either. LV employs a large amount of very pricey attorneys to go after counterfeit producers.

How do I feel when I see it? I want to educate the person carrying it and make them care, but I do not even try....would probably be arrested for assulting strangers.


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Nov 15, 2010
Honestly, people are going to judge and make their own assumptions no matter what. They look at what you're wearing and how you're acting and draw conclusions from that. So many people think you have to be dressed sharp and classy to carry authentic designer goods, but you'll see here on tPF that many LVoers are busy moms in lululemon or some jeans... Not exactly a regular persons stereotype of a Louis Vuitton customer! But you just have to focus on yourself and how your bag makes YOU feel. Wear your LV with a smile and lots of confidence!


Jul 15, 2012
I don't like the feeling either. Everyone is carrying a Louis Vuitton around where I live and I know half of them are fake. I don't care if other people are carrying fakes, but I don't want people to assume I am because my peers are. But like someone else said...it is what is is...


Jan 23, 2013
New Orleans
Like most people said its inevitable. I know some people who carry fakes and my boyfriend always tells me they probably think mines is fake too. Since I might seem like I'm too young to own a real one. But I always tell him I don care because I know it's real and that's all that matters. I don't have to explain to those people who question it or are mean about it=] buying it makes us happy and proud to own one. So don't let it bother you!


Feb 11, 2013
It is quite annoying people just say your paying for the name- and yet they pass their fakes off as real :nogood: Even though I know my own possessions are authentic people think they maybe fake. Not only that, when people see fake LV's obviously they do not look nice so they just think LV is not a nice brand.


Jan 2, 2013
Even though some people can't tell, the mere fact that I know is what convinces me to invest in purchasing authentic and in-store :smile:


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Feb 28, 2010
The more I buy LV products, the more I don't care about it. When I bought my first LV bag I was like you, now after 6 accessories and 7 bags later I don't give a donkey sh*t about other people carrying fakes.


Aug 28, 2012
As said above, it's all about what makes you feel good. I saw one one of those eCards that kind of made me laugh a saying something to the effect of :

"The boobs, bag, and hair is fake but yet you expect to find yourself a REAL man"

This conversation made me think of that.

If carrying fake bag (Coach, LV, or otherwise) makes you feel good about yourself then that's your decision. An illegal one, but still your decision.

I purchased my first LV this week. I've always had a love for designer bags. But this is my first from the "Premier Designer" side of tPF. Sure the fakes may have been more in my price range before, but in my heart I would have known it was fake and I couldn't have walked around feeling good about myself like I do with my authentic one.

Because even though the other day I felt like crap, congested, runny nose going to the pharmacy for some cold medicines and probably looked like a hot mess, carrying my LV still just brought a little sunshine to my day. It's still new to me so I'm still on a bit of a high.

But at the end of the day, it's about the quality and the fact that I like the style more than the money. If my LV would have cost me $90 vs $900 I still would have bought it. People say that you pay the price just to provide them with free advertising.

Not true. For one, my bag is DE and isn't as noticeable to those who don't follow LV. And most of my bags are Rebecca Minkoff who doesn't use logos on her bags. It's because I like the designer, the brand, and they fit my lifestyle.


Jul 14, 2012
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The more I buy LV products, the more I don't care about it. When I bought my first LV bag I was like you, now after 6 accessories and 7 bags later I don't give a donkey sh*t about other people carrying fakes.
THIS! haha I am secure enough that I realize I am wearing the bag...the bag does not wear me =)