What do you feed your baby?

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  1. #1 Jan 15, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2009
    I was just curious to see the answers from all the ladies here in tPF, what you feed your children!
    I feed my DS breastmilk, and some formula. Besides that I feed him Beechnut or Gerber organic baby food, %100 juice like apple, grape, banana. He gets veggies that are cooked, and fruits that he can eat himself. He also seems to like the Gerber Graduates yogurt melts as well as the crackers and other snacks. Sometimes he gets tastes of my food here and there. He also loves sweet potatoes, and cooked potatoes. I tried eggy bread on him, and he seems to like that! He also loves graham crackers!
    So what do you feed your baby? :biggrin:
  2. my babies are almost 7 and 4...so they eat just about everything. they like their veggies and fruits, which makes me happy. my youngest loves cherry tomatoes [i despise them and the big ones too!!] im sad that neither of them likes onions [daddy hates them], but i still cook with them :P
  3. My DD eats just about everything. She loves chicken and pork but fruits and veggies are her favorites. The only thing she doesn't eat right now is nuts. Pediatrician told us to hold off on those till she's 2.
  4. Both my children eat everything! Well my little one is just starting to eat everything we eat as well if i break it up in small enough pieces. They both love fruits! I swear my oldest would rather eat fruit all day instead of her food!
  5. My daughter is only 4 months and she wants to eat everything. I give her baby food here and there, and she loves mashed potatoes! I ate a cup of noodles soup earlier and she got tastes of the broth, loved it too!!
  6. Well apart from the formula milk my 11 month old daughter gets porridge or weetabix for breakfast then bits of toast with unsalted butter that she crams in her mouth - or mostly drops on the floor! Then for lunch I try and give a modified version of what we have had the night before - today she had our roast chicken dinner all chopped up, tomorrow she will have salmon pie, she loves my tomato mozzarella sauce with mini pasta too. Then tea is something simple like chopped banana or avocado, or toast with cream cheese. Inbetween she has snacks like unsweetened organic mini biscuits or bits of cheese.
  7. Hayden LOVES cheese slices,peas,stoneyfield farm organic banilla yogurt(HIS FAVE!),oatmeal,gerber snack stars in diff flavors,cheerios,mashed potatoes,sweet potatoes,mac and cheeses and small pasta..HTH!
  8. DS eats pretty much everything now, but his favorites are scrambled eggs, any fruit, those Gerber crunchy things, chopped frozen mixed vegetables, rice, and cheese. He's recently become a little cookie monster, but he gets those as treats only. If he had it his way, he'd have one at every meal. :P
  9. My DS is almost 6 and if I let him, he'd eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich for every meal. He also LOVES fruit. I have a hard time feeding him veggies though. He's a pretty picky eater.
  10. My DD is 14 months and she eats everything. She prefers to feed herself so she'll eat strips of chicken and chopped vegetables. She loves cheese and goes crazy over peaches and grapes (chopped and skinned). I took her to an Indian restaurant and she had basmati and a mild curry and loved it:smile:

    My older boys (7 and 4) will eat pretty much anything and will try anything at least once. They love crabsticks, pasta, grilled cheese, and all kinds of fish. They will eat Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Italian, Greek and French food without a problem. I count myself lucky, though I did try to introduce a varied diet as early as possible and breastfed them for a year or longer.
  11. Great to see that everyone's babies like variety!!! :yes:
    My DS also likes, Olives, pasta, most any kinds of veggies cooked, cranberries, almost anything from the Gerber Graduates line, and yogurt. He would eat yogurt all day, lol!!
    He's eating soo much more now. I think he's having another growth spurt :smile:
  12. Gerber graduates is AWESOME!LOL!
    Hayden Loves their stuff!
  13. We always fed Julia real, homemade food
  14. Everything. I make him a mash of bananas, prunes, avocados and oatmeal cereal for breakfast. They say avocados and blueberries are great for a baby's developing brain. I mash up stuff for lunch or mini processor the food for him. Spoilt little boy!!! Just one smile with those two teeth grins gets him about anything.