What do you expect from bridal stores?... Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

  1. Like what do expect from them? Do you want a place that is elegant looking? How do you know which store is right for you? Just what do you expect rom them? Sorry for the ?'s this is for school and I have no idea about this because i've never been to one, and i'm not planning a wedding. I'd really appreciate any help or reply.:smile:

    Also, what kind of atmosphere do you think a bridal store should have?
    Like how should the total Ambiance of the store be like?
  2. The one thing that I LOVED about the bridal store that I bought my wedding dress from was that every time I tried my dress on for fittings, etc. they would put my hair up in a bun, put fake flowers, rhinestone pins, whatever plus the veil, shoes, the whole nine yards so that I could see what I would really look like on my wedding day.

    As for ambience, it should be elegant, fun, clean, neat, have all the accessories, magazines...
  3. The shop where I bought my gown was great. As I tried on dresses, my SA would ask me, "What do you like about this one? What don't you like?" She narrowed down my likes and dislikes and found the perfect gown for me. And she puts my veil and headpiece on me every time I'm in the shop, even if I go for something else.
  4. erm, I almost recently took a job in a bridal store, the main thing to look out for it lots of natural light, weddings take place during the day, so you do not want to look rediculous! lots of mirrors, with all angles, lots of open display cabinets, and lots of fabric and colour samples should be out on display, ooh and most importantly, lots of champers in the fridge ;) :biggrin:
  5. Upscale boutique, friendly, great selection :smile:
  6. Accomodating, friendly service is really at the top of my expectations. It can make or break my opinion in one visit.

    I once walked into a bridal shop that also did alterations. It was a tiny little shop, a little cluttered, but I stood there largely ignored for over 20 minutes while there was one other customer they fawned over. After all that, I didn't get the service I came in for and I felt they were discriminatory towards their customers based on how much they were spending. I have never been back, and I would never recommend that shop to anyone.
  7. Huge dressing rooms with mirrors everywhere. Comfortable seating/a nice lounge area. I once accompanied a friend to a bridal store which didn't have any seats at all. Well my friend was very indecisive, and we ended up spending hours in the store as she tried on gowns, and we'd critique each one. I'd sit on the floor when my legs got tired while waiting, or stand up when my butt became numb from sitting on the floor. It was extremely uncomfortable.