What do you eat @ work?

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  1. Lunch? Snacks? What are you munching on while toiling away?
  2. Well, this probably sounds boring, but I will list it out for ya--

    These are things that I eat regularly while at work:

    Diet Coke
    Bottled Water
    Apples/individually wrapped cheddar cheese pieces
    Smart Ones frozen dinners--for lunch
    Quaker Mini bags of Buttered Popcorn cakes
    Lorna Doone 100 Calorie packs
    Beef jerky
    Baby carrots
    occasionally a piece of chocolate from one of my co-workers candy dishes
  3. ^^OMG, I think we were separated at birth!!! That is what I eat almost everyday when I work.....spooky.
  4. I'm trying not to eat much so...

    -Bottled water
    -Diet coke
    -Nature Valley Oats n Honey bars
    -lots of chewing gum!

    Before I started trying to eat healthy, I'd eat crisps and sweet bread and anything I could get my hands on! And as you know, if I was getting it from the 7-11 across the street, it probably wasn't very healthy.
  5. I bring my lunch and snacks to work most every day, except for some Fridays. I also eat breakfast there, too. Just buy my things for the week and keep it in the fridge. Bringing lunch really does save money and keeps me from eating crap :yucky:

    I drink water and Diet Coke throughout the day.

    breakfast - usually low fat cottage cheese with fruit (cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, strawberries, pineapple, etc.), skim milk and coffee. Or oatmeal made with hot water, skim milk and coffee.

    snack - string cheese

    lunch - usually a low-carb, whole wheat tortilla w/ chicken, feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes and spinach; sugar free jello. Or some sort of chicken wrap variation. Sometimes an Amy's organic meal.

    snacks - small piece of chocolate :nuts: ready-made chocolate protein shake, apples with peanut butter, low fat cottage cheese with sugar free preserves, protein bar, fat free yogurt with protein powder, berries and almonds, etc.
  6. Water
    PB&J sandwich
    Special K 90 cal bars
    Rice cakes
    and usually a small bag of chips. Every day. haha
  7. Like Cristina, I bring my food to work so I can eat healthier and save money.

    Oatmeal for breakfast, sometimes with a bananna, sometimes not.
    Coffee with low calorie, sugar free flavored creamer (I know... artificial sweeters... bad!)

    salad for lunch... veggies and some kind of protien (cheese, chicken, or edamame)

    Grapefruit or some kind of fruit, yogurt or almonds for snacks.

    Water all day.

    occasional piece of candy from co-worker's huge stash.
  8. Well, you know what they say about great minds...
  9. - Coffee, oolong tea, Diet Coke (occasionally)
    - An embarrassing amount of Goldfish crackers... usually all I eat for lunch
    - If I do eat lunch in the office, I grab a salad from the deli or bring soup from home (Trader Joe's tomato soup)
    - Snack bars... like Quackers or Nature's Valley or whatever was on sale that week!
  10. I avoid carbs for breakfast and lunch (but carbs are OK at dinner). So I generally just have a couple slices of cheese and a liter of Evian. Sounds weird, but it works for me. I can't have a huge lunch otherwise I'm groggy all afternoon.

    Other times I'll drive over to the deli and have a small chicken caesar salad - yum!
  11. Becuase I start very early morning, I'm normally home in time to cook myself a late lunch.

    At work I have:

    Cups of tea (usually no more than two because I don't really get the time).
    A piece of toast if anyones been free to cook some.

    Other than that I snack on little bits of things that the kids eat, like breadsticks or bits of fruit. If I'm lucky it will be a kids birthday so we get a piece of birthday cake - yum!
  12. I rarely eat breakfast at work, but if I do it is oatmeal which I keep in my desk or a luna sunrise bar.

    Snacks, I bring fruit from home daily. I have a drawer that is pretty much filled with snacks, so I keep a variety on hand depending on my moods. In my desk at all time are dark chocolate hershey kisses, raisins, craisins, 100 cal packs, and I keep yogurt and baby carrots in the fridge.

    Lunch, If I bring it, healthy choice soup cups, Amys burritos, a cup of easy mac, lol. Sometimes I'll bring left overs from dinner or a salad. If I buy lunch, soup or salad from Au Bon Pain or a turkey sandwich from Potbellys.

    I drink only water at work, or I make tea. My drawer with snacks also has ridiculous amounts of tea in it as well.
  13. I eat breakfast at home. for lunch I usually pick up a salad (Salmon salad or chicken salad). I eat out for dinner approx 3 to 4 nights per week.
  14. I eat sushi/japanese appetizers because I work at a sushi restaurant tehehe :smile:
  15. *Diet Coke
    *Quaker Snack bars
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