what do you eat on a daily basis

  1. I've lost nearly 28 lbs and it really seems to have slowed down now. Ive altered my gym routine and I need to have a look at my diet again-can I ask what do you guys eat on a daily basis? What do you bring in for lunch or for dinner? Do you have snacks etc? Many thanks!!
  2. yeah, snacking is a good idea to keep your weight off. keeping a steady sugar level in your bloodstream is really important, rather than having spikes and valleys by spacing out three big meals. also, don't worry about the weight loss slowdown. when you first start working out you lose weight the fastest, but then as your body becomes accustomed to it, the weight loss will sort of plateau/even out. that's a good thing anyway because rapid weight loss is really bad for your heart!
  3. oh and oops, what i eat on a daily basis. i try to treat myself at least once a day, whether it's chips or cookies, but just to satisfy my sweet/salty/crunchy tooth. i really don't believe in depriving myself b/c that just makes me want to binge even more! bu as far as meals, i try to fit in a lot of greens. i put salad into a container and then bring my own dressing on the side, usually balsamic and olive oil, because prepackaged salad dressing is either really fatty or full of artificial additives which are NOT good for you even though they may be "fat free." i also eat lots of lean protein, like chicken breast and fish, and try to fill up on that rather than on carbs. carbs are essentially sugars, which again, go towards that blood sugar level spike. hope that helps!
  4. I eat Food.

    Ok seriously LOL, I'm going to sound like a broken record but I stick to lean protein, vegetables and fruits, less than 30 grams of sugar a day, low fat, and low carb.
  5. Different eating habits work for different people. I'm a snacker, I get fully quickly so I snack all day. Lots of fruit and veges but I do treat myself everyday too (just had a cookie with my coffee!!) and I get moving at least 5 times a week if I can. Getting your heart rate pumping is the key. Sounds like you're doing great though, good luck!!!
  6. I'll usually let myself have a treat once or twice a week. I have to have my yogurt everyday, sometimes twice a day. Breakfast is usually yogurt, with a piece of whole grain toast w/ nutella. Lunch is either, salad, soup or sandwich (sometimes protein bar). Supper is usually salad, soup (depending on what I had for lunch), stir-fry, or some new recipe i'd want to try out. I eat fruits and vegetables everyday (i'm a veggie so I gotta get my iron!).
  7. If I get up in time for breakfast I eat a small bowl of Total cereal with soymilk. I often eat sushi for lunch. I eat a lot of Lean Cuisines too and sometimes salads. If I actually cook something it'll be fish with some type of veggie or chicken with some type of veggie, but I really don't like to cook.
  8. I've been really into light peach yogurt lately. Seriously, I crave it all the time which is good because I used to indulge in ice cream and starbucks regularly. :sweatdrop: At least I don't have to feel too guilty with yogurt! I've had one everyday for a week now!
  9. I have to have blueberry yogurt with granola and some kind of fruit daily.
  10. ummm, probably not the most lowfat option but I have a little piece of cheese for breakfast every morning. Either Cheddar or even *gasp* brie! it keeps me going all morning and even into later lunch hour if I get busy and can't take a break. Low carb breakfast and lunch is best for me. I do my carbs at dinner so I don't feel deprived. Really keeps my blood sugar stable.
  11. I eat a lot of crap. Just kidding, kinda. I like to have yogurt every day, but I go for the 2.5% stuff because I hate skim/low-fat yogurt. I have just discovered how to poach eggs without having to buy a poacher and I've been eating those on sprouted grain multigrain bread, which is yummy. I eat a lot of English muffins and proteins like peanut butter or chicken. If I want to have a treat, I go for it - no low-fat or fake sugar for me! I love love love those caramel Mini Crisp rice cakes, though. I can eat a whole bag in one sitting.
  12. On a daily basis, I eat TONS and TONS of fresh fruit! I have this incredible sweet tooth, so it works out perfectly for me! :tup:
  13. i also have yogurt and granola for breakfast, and sometimes eggs with peppers, green, onions and mushrooms in them. breakfast is my favorite meal of the day
  14. I cant believe im writing this but ive really gotten onto V8 juice. since i'm eating low carb now with great results, i get my healthy carbs by drink a ton of v8..it really satisfies my cravings and fills me up too!!
  15. breakfast - 1 slice of bread with jam & a cup of cereal/juice
    lunch - rice, vegetables, meat (no skins & minimum fats, i can't tolerate the texture :sweatdrop:)
    teabreak - fruits
    dinner - same as lunch
    supper - fruits
    nowadays i get hungry so fast sometimes i also eat cereal cookies between all the meals listed above & drink soy bean before bed too :push: