What do you eat at lunch when at work?

  1. I'll be starting the corporate world soon. I want to eat healthy yet cheap since I’m fresh from college. There is no cafeteria where I will be working. What do you usually eat during your lunch hour?

    Do you bring your own lunch? If so, what do you bring? I was thinking leftovers but I know there won't be leftovers everyday..

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I usually bring my own lunches as I sometimes get too busy to run out and buy some (I have to drive out) and I get a little anxious if I know I have to go the whole day without food :biggrin:
    I am a boring and routine eater - I bring roast chicken salad. I cheat by buying a whole roasted chicken and then shredding it up. Fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn kernels, avocado etc. All mixed up. Or, tuna salad.
    I sometimes bring dinner left overs.
    On a few occasions I've just made sandwiches or wraps.
    More often than not when I'm really busy and stressed out I just throw frozen veggies, frozen grilled fish fillets or frozen chicken strips in. Unhealthy, for sure.
    I also bring a little "treat" - usually fruit in jelly or a small piece of chocolate.
    Hope this gives you some ideas!
  3. I have a huge cafeteria but it's in a seperate building and I have a broken shin, so I don't want to walk (sucks, because we get free lunch every day). But like you, I'm fresh out of college and want to save. I'll usually shread some chicken like jo_ee said and either make some chicken salad or make myself an actual salad with the shredded chicken on the top along with my favorite dressing and veggies. My FAVORITE salad though is a mexican fiesta salad, with black beans, corn, crushed tortilla chips and salsa ranch dressing. This salad is DELICIOUS and filling...not to mention good for you! I add chicken in there as well for added protein but you don't have to if you don't want to.

    You can add to these delicious salads with a half a sandwich or some soup (if you don't have a microwave in your building, then bring a thermos).
  4. Usually salad, sandwich, or soup. We have a "breakroom" with a fridge and microwave, but no cafeteria.
  5. I only work 3 minutes away from my house, so I go home to eat. I usually eat a sandwich, soup or a salad.
  6. I make pots of taco soup and freeze them in individual portions so I can take those for lunch. I often have pita pizzas made in the toaster oven, leftovers, yogurt and fruit, taco salads, etc.
  7. I eat a very light lunch b/c otherwise I get very bloated and sleepy in the afternoons. So it's usually just a little cottage cheese if I bring in my own lunch or a little leftover roast chicken (really good cold, actually!).

    My routine is to step out of the bldg, get my lunch and eat it at my desk. That way I have about a half hour break away from things which is very important to me. But I deal with a lot of time zones and it can be busy during the noon hour here in the Seatle area!

    Taking shorter breaks means that when I have a special occasion for a nice long lunch at a restaurant with a colleague or friend I don't feel so guilty about it, KWIM? Hope that helps!
  8. When I used to work in an office and didn't go out to lunch I'd bring either a Lean Cuisine or can of soup to eat for lunch.

    Now I don't work in an office though and often eat at home. If not, I just buy the healthiest thing I can find nearby.
  9. I do Lean Cuisine or soup.
  10. I bring soup, salad, pasta, a sandwich or leftovers. I only have a break room and a lunch room at my work. There are places in the neighbourhood but I don't like to wait in line to buy food, plus I'm oddly cheap about lunch for some reason. Then I always take a walk after I eat so I can move my energy around.
  11. ^Walking after eating is a good tip since I always seem to "crash" after lunch! Thank you!
  12. i like to have unhealthy but sometimes very satisfying fancy asian bowl noodles with bean sprouts,dried little shrimps,chopped cilantro,and some lime!


    just add hot water. :p
  13. It's a little unconventional, but I mix a yogurt into cereal (the single servings of both). It has enough protein to keep me going all afternoon, and it actually fills me up.
  14. When I used to work, I always had soup for lunch. You can get an insulated thermos. Mine had a little box on top and I packed tortilla chips in there to go with the soup. I also usually brought along half an egg salad or tuna sandwich.
  15. I eat leftovers from the previous night's dinner. My mom usually makes stuff like mash potatoes, spaghetti, chicken wings, rice, stir fry brocolli, etc. It's pretty healthy.