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  1. My obession with Hermes just start recently...I am just curious do all of you would get any Birkin that is/are offer to you even you are not in love with the colour / leather / hardware???or you would just wait for the perfect one???Since I am afriad if I turn down any offer, they are not going to offer me anymore in the future (I am a well known customer at Holt, where the new Calgary store is in, so the SA in Hermes know me fairly...)
  2. I would only accept the birkin that I am in love with, IMO they are too expensive to accept one you don't love.

    I would be up front with your SA on the colors and leathers that you do love so you arn't offered something that you will have to turn down.
  3. I would never buy anything no matter what it was unless I really liked it. And as for Hermès items, the prices alone are so high that I would never ever buy something unless I was 100% in love with it!
  4. I'd never take a bag in a color that I don't like. For me, it has to be something I really like and that works for me.
    For this amount of money, it just has to be perfect IMHO ;).
  5. Totally agree with the other ladies on this one. For these huge prices why settle for something you don't love.
  6. Never. I would not take anything that I didn't want.
    Since you are a fairly well known customer, this probably wouldn't impact your relationship with the store too much. Just be nice when rejecting it.
  7. Its your money. Must be something you love. Not settling for whatever its available or pressure from H stores aka afraid by rejecting now and will not be offer again in the future.
  8. Thank you for all your advice...your info are so helpful!!
  9. Hi Fatcat! In my opinion, you don't need to buy it if it's not your order, and not your liking. I was also offered a few times in same Calgary store but i rejected it because the colors and the leathers are not in my wish list.
  10. ITA!
  11. I totally agree with this - they are too expensive to 'settle' for something that you do not totally love.
  12. I would never buy something I didn´t want or like. No matter how desirable. That is acting like an idiot IMO.
  13. I had an SA call me with a bag in etoupe when I wanted gris tourterelle. I said no even though they are really similar. You know what you want and what looks good on you and its your money in the end. Hermes has a tough return policy don't buy something you may end up regretting in even the slightest bit.
  14. Personally I find the prices at H are insane, which I can justify when it's something that I love and will get the use out of.

    However spending literally thousands on something that I look at and think "MeH" I think is just plain barmy. :wacko:
  15. I turned down several birkins that were "almost" the bag I wanted. My true "want" bag finally came in.