What do you do with your shopping bags?


Nov 19, 2007
For some quirky reason, I keep the Gucci shopping bags that come with purchases but I have no idea why. It just sits in my closet. lol

Just wondering if anyone gets any use out of them and how. Every time I think to throw them out, I change my mind. hee hee I know, its silly. :smile:
Uggghhhhhh, my hubby is a neat freak and if he see's it just sitting in my closet with NO use, he'll throw it OUTTTTTT! Sooo now, i have to tell him "please don't throw those away"

im going to start saving them now =) i feel so bad, before tPF i treated my bags like crap, well not like total crap, but after seeing how everyone treats their bags, i have been A whole lot better!!! Thanks everyone
hehe, my closet is half stuffed with those beautiful shoppingbags! I never throw them away, they're too nice:P.
I have one shoppingbag that I use for my scarves.
i must confess - i insist my SA give me a bag for every item i buy... and then i just stack them into a big gucci bag and leave it in my warbrobe...

don't ask me why and i have no idea what I will ever do with them - i guess i feel i deserve a bag for every purchase!!
I keep all those bags (LV, Gucci, Dior, Holts bags) folded flat in my closet, they're too nice to be throw away (the older Gucci are much better imo) I dont use them but I dont have the heart to use them or throw them away.
I hold on to the boxes and bags to use for packaging in case I decide to sell a bag on eBay after I am no longer going to use it. It adds a nice touch and helps to reinforce the fact that the bag is authentic.
I keep all of my shopping bags folded and stored in my closet. I don't really use them for anything but I just love having them. They just look so classy! LOL :P
I used to keep all my shopping bags & reused ones I liked the least. But ever since my I've lived my bf he has insisted on using them as trash bags. Not just the cheap old navy or macys ones. He uses all of them as trash bags!!! This means Neiman, Gucci, and even Louis Vuitton. I told him about this thread. "See I'm not crazy for wanting to keep my shopping bags!!!" Argh, I'm so angry at myself for letting him obliterate my shopping bag collection.