what do you do with your pochette?

  1. I've had this li'l cerises pochette for a few days, and I've discovered that it's a great bag for going out w/my sweetie. It fits the necessities perfectly - my wallet, keys, cellphone, and a lipstick. But it must have other uses, right?

    I'm thinking perhaps I could take off the strap and put it inside my ellipse or speedy to hold smaller, loose items. I've noticed that LV is not great about putting pockets and dividers in the larger bags, so the pochette might help keep things organized. But if I do that, is it likely to get worn around the edges? Would the mono get scratched if I throw my keys in there, or is it durable enough to handle that sort of thing?

    Are there other uses for the pochette that I haven't thought of?
  2. I can't chime in with other uses necessarily but I also love to use mine for quick jaunts! It holds my Treo, thank goodness I've now combined the phone and the Palm, my lip gloss, my keys and I still have room for something else. As stated, the Pochette is also useful for a bag inside of a larger bag. Since I normally carry huge bags, I like to have my loose things inside of other smaller bags. I don't like loose stuff floating around in my purse. :blink: I like knowing what to reach for. :yes: Everything is where it should be thanks to the Pochette Accessories.
  3. I use my pochette as a divider in my speedy, and it's like an extra pocket. It's also great in my open top bags as an "anti-theft" device, I put my wallet in there, and clip the pochette to the d-ring so it'd be pretty hard to just reach in and grab.
  4. Same here, I use it in my speedy 30. I put all of my makeup, tylenol, etc in it, perfect size for inside a bag. I love mine to death.
  5. i use mine to match with my epi speedy! I think the cherries look extra cute with the red epi! I've included 2 pictures of how I match them. I hope this helps!!! (Excuse the extra stuff from my showcase.)
    epiacc.jpg epicherries.jpg
  6. i use mine as an evening bag, like when i go to bars or parties.
  7. That's what I will more than likely use mines for. When it arrives from LV next week :P :P
  8. I remove the strap and use mine as a makeup bag.
  9. I use mines to keep all the receipts that use to be at the bottom of my bag.
  10. Hi :heart:

    i used to carry my cherry pochette as a hand bag, still do so sometimes though, but recently i started using it as a purse *without its strap* for my very basic stuff i.e: evian mousturzier, tissues, wipes, hand cream etc ... its one very helpful bag with variety of usage :flowers: ...
    pochette usage (1).JPG pochette usage (2).JPG pochette usage.JPG
  11. I use my pochettes mostly for a night out with my girlfriends, movies, etc. You are right, it fits everything I need for the night: keys, phone, $$$, etc. I find them VERY handy!:yes:
  12. For those of you who use your Pochette Accessories as a makeup bag aren't you concerned about it getting yucky on the inside? I can't picture using that as a makeup bag due to the inside not being washable. I know that a lot of people use it that way though.

    I like to use it as a purse for quick jaunts, a bag in my larger bags or as a dinner bag like others also mentioned. The Lexington is even better since it's a little dressier.
  13. I purchased my pochette used and the previous owner had spilled black mascara all over the inside and had attempted and did not succeed at washing it out. I've also spilled compact powder all over the inside. Anyways, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser takes it all right out, it looks good as new. :yes:
  14. Love all the ideas for the pochette. I've got a cherry blossom one and I haven't used in years and now I've got a use for it.
  15. I have a cerises pochette that I use inside my bag to carry small items, like my powder compact, lip gloss, small hairbrush, pen, tampons, etc. Helps keep things organized in my bag :smile: