What do you do with your old makeup?

  1. I have the tendency to get new makeup every season, go full out, but I barely make a dent in the make up. Now I've moved from laura mercier to trish mcevoy.. What do I do with all the extra?!
  2. I keep most of it. Because I'm always changing what I like. But if its old or if I know i wont use it. I'll get rid of it. Like I did a while back. I got rid of hundred's..
  3. If it's old (more than a few months) get rid of it... make up can harbor bacteria.
  4. I just tossed a whole bunch of make up out that i havent used yesterday
  5. I recycle my MAC containers, and if I don't like what I bought, I take it back to Sephora. I have to admit that I'm pretty much devoted to the same basic items and I will mix it up a little bit, but not much. I avoid having your problem because I have a basic set.
  6. It depends on what it is. If it's eyeshadows or some type of powder, I would keep it as long as it doesn't smell bad. Only thing you must throw out are mascara and foundation.

    As most of you know I have a massive makeup collection. So the only thing I ever throw out on a regular basis is mascara and lash primer.

    Welcome to the Trish family though!
  7. i usually throw everything out!
  8. How old were you looking for? Oh, look, this lime green was the IT shadow color in the summer of '66. It will look great on you. Now let's do lips. I hope you're not one of those people who has a hissy fit just because a nice vintage lipstick has a little Red 2. This is back from when Revlon was the real status brand. Elizabeth Taylor wore this shade when she stole Eddie Fisher away from Debbie Reynolds. Last of the Great Reds, everybody went all white after that. Mod. Oh, no, honey, mod is NOT new. Hold still now.
  9. I'll toss it if it starts to get funky. If not, I keep it. But then again, I don't have much makeup. I wish I had more but I'm not so good with the whole makeup thing. I normally just use moisturizer, eyeshadow, mascara and lip gloss.
  10. if its OLD i just throw it out. if a new item dosnt work with my skin i'll give it to my mom. i dont think shes boughten moisturiser in ages because most of the ones i buy for myself irritate my sensitive skin, but do just fine for her.
  11. Throw It Out!
  12. I'll throw it out if it smells funny. If I just don't like it/use it anymore but it's still good, I give them to one of my friends. She can't afford department store makeup (single mom, pays everything herself) so it makes her happy to own it, most of the stuff I barely use it before I switch or they're samples. I realise this sounds a little snobby, but that is NOT the point. I just don't want to throw good makeup away when she can give it some use. Hope you understand!!
  13. Actually, that's one thing I'm good at, throwing away makeup. I go through my stuff once in a while and throw out a bunch.
  14. I just keep piling it up. But I really only use a few products on a daily basis! Why do I keep collecting? When my make-up drawer wont close or stuff keeps rolling off my sink, it occurs to me it is time for a purge. Mascara and eye makeup goes first.
  15. i just keep it... it sort of gets lost in the back of everything. sometimes its fun while going through all my make up and i find something from a while ago and ask myself how i ever wore that... sometimes i give it away to my friends because i have so much make up.