What do you do with your old handbags?

Mar 12, 2006
Just for curiosity... I'm in the process of upgrading my handbags collection. I got some old handbags from not-as-high-end designers such as Guess, BCBG, BR etc from back in college. What do you do with them? I mean, after I got addicted to Bbags and Chloe, I wouldn't want to go back! :lol:

Please comment!


A SugaR addicT*
Feb 16, 2006
most of the time,i'd give them to my cousins,or younger siblings relatives.If they dont want it either,i would donate them to some youth homes.Of course only bags that are still in good condition.it's funny how as you grow older..your sense of style changes..:P


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
every six months or so i do a huge deep clean out of my closet and bathroom and let my sister, mother in law, and sister in law go through and take what they want. my sister gets first dibs, usually she calls dibs on something when i buy it! she got her kate spade that way. :smile: it is usually a HUGE box of clothes, perfume, bags, shoes, makeup....stuff that's only been used a couple times. it usually makes me really depressed, and i end up on a no buy that only lasts until find something else cute that i "need." :smile: whatever doesn't strike anyone's fancy goes to goodwill.