What do you do with your old handbags?

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  1. Hi Gals,

    I have collected quite a load of handbags over the years. And there are some that I like to keep but some I don't know what to do with them. Yes I can sell them but it seems like a hassle. Any ideas???
  2. www.craigslist.com It's an awesome site...it's free and it's worldwide! I have a ton of purses, and I have sold a lot on there that I no longer use. I sold like 4 before Christmas, my husband has even sold 2 trucks on there! Check it out...you'll be addicted soon! Brandy
  3. I JUST sent my med. Ellipse LV, anf my Deauville to Poupette auctions to sell for me. The handles had truned a bit too much for my liking , they were in great condition but I knew I would never carry them again! I felt kinf sad at first about breaking up my collection but I keep buying so many new ones no point in them just sitting in the closet when I know I wont carry them! I gave my Alma to my cousin and she TRASHED it. She has lost her inheritance priveledges. I think I will auction always in the future or consign!
  4. Do you know if I could trade them somewhere? Is there such a thing? I don't mind exchanging for another style or brand, since I know I will never use those again. They are all designer bags, chanel, tods, gucci and ferragamo to name a few.
  5. For some reason I just stockpile them :lol: Not sure I'll ever give them up, but if I did I'd probably give them to someone else to sell.
  6. I'll take them! Actually.. I've been looking into buying my first LV.. slowly looking, but looking.
  7. Me too!! Hehe. I know it's a pain, but your best bet would probably be to sell them, or, loan them to someone in your family if you think they will appreciate it.
  8. I can't part with any of mine!!!:wacko:
  9. Your collection is one I wouldn't mind borrowing!! :nuts:
  10. I don't want to give them away. I spend a fortune on them!! But i was thinking exchanging them for some other bags that i might want now!! Is there such a program? I mean you keep buying it jsut piles up. Honestly are you going use those 2 yr old bags???? There is always something else you want. Anyone wants 2 or 3 yrs ago styles???
  11. We should start one between us all!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen so many wonderful collections then here!!!!!!
  12. I keep mine. My mom and grandmother do the same and we just pass them down or borrow bags from each other. They've had some great bags that they don't carry anymore or want, so they let me have them. I'm all for keeping bags. (If you keep it now...it might be considered a great vintage piece later.)
  13. eBay them. I know that Speedys fetch good prices still even when used for years.
  14. I keep all of my bags.:love:
  15. sooo...what kind(s) of chanel purse(s) are you selling??

    i haven't sold a bag yet...i might in the future through ebay