What do you do with your old e-rings.. (After the upgrades)

  1. I am curious to know what do you do with your older rings? Seems to be common to have 1-3 upgrades after whatever years of marriage.. do they get traded in? (the store i buy from has a trade in policy add 1$ to upgrade a diamond) or kept? if kept what do you do with it?

    I would make it into a pendant. I doubt i will do more than one upgrade. If i do maybe a right hand ring with a nice setting to make it look like a right hand ring and not just a lone rock =)

    Love you all for the answers and ring pictures :love:
  2. I've done 2 upgrades and both times traded in my old diamond for $ toward the new one. I'm not so in to necklaces so woudn't do the diamond solitaire thing, and the stones have been too big to look right as a right hand ring. Each time I've gotten what I paid for the original diamond, even though I bought the new ones at different stores. I guess inflation took care of that because each time I traded in a diamond it would have cost me much more to buy the same quality diamond as the old one at the time I was trading it in. So I look at it as having the privilege of wearing it for a few years at no charge (ignoring the fact that the dollar was worth more when I bought the original diamond). Also it helps with the purchase of the new diamond to be able to credit some $$ from the old diamond to the purchase.
  3. My DH also uses it as a trade in for the new ring. However, the jeweler only wants the stone so I made a half way around emerald cut eternity band with the original setting I had.
  4. Great idea for side stones. Didnt think about that =):tup:
  5. LOL, I was gonna start a thread like this asking the same question but never got around to do it. Good you asked.

    Since my ering is 1.12 and my diamond pendant is 1.07, both almost the same clarity and colorless, I'd like to make a pair of earrings out of these when I upgrade for a 2 + carats. I don't have the heart to trade them in for a larger carat since these diamonds meant so much to my hubby.
  6. After resetting my old 1ct Round twice , we bought another and made stud earrings. Then after my 2ct oval 'shrank' I had a pendant made w/ it.
    I'm on a solitaire ban until we can afford my dream 5ct+ center diamond. For now, I'm 'making do' with eternities for sparkle.
  7. I've kept mine for sentimental reasons. I don't want to fashion it into something else.
  8. Right, sentimental reasons. Hey, that sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll keep my original ering for my son's fiancee and the pendant for the other son's. Whomever gets the better diamond depends on which treats me better. :p
  9. I got a three stone for our tenth anniversary last May, it was in addition to my ering. There are times when I wear my three stone on my left hand in place of my ering, but I do still wear my original as well...I am way too sentimental and I could never part with it.

  10. good idea.. pass it down! but make sure the bride is going to stay! just in case maybe you should make her sign some contract saying if you divorce within 3-5yrs i want the ring back!! since the rings are very precious :yes:

    i question my uncles marriage.. she was imported from china and well got a sh*t load of gold and diamonds.. she doesnt even seem serious about the relationship and looks like she just wanted the green card and gems.. :cursing:
  11. Oh :wtf: that never crossed my mind. Well, they're only 10 and 8....I'm hoping they'll get married. The younger one already has a girlfriend and two ex's.
  12. I had mine made into a pendant with eight pink sapphires surrounding it.
  13. In the middle of my 2nd upgrade :smile: (17 years, both hubbie's idea!) First time (10 year anniversary) I went from a smaller RB to a 2 ct - put the initial engagement diamond in a pendant. This go round, took the initial diamond back OUT of the pendant :p purchased a 'twin' to go with it, and am having a 3 stone ring made with the 2 ct as the center. (I think I am a serial resetter!)
  14. OOOOOOO.. a 3 stone with an original.. the upgrade and a umm... 17yr anniversay twin!

    sounds like a great idea! bravo to him for thinking about that