What do you do with your old designer bags?

  1. Do you keep them or sell them?
  2. Keep some, esp. my LVs (don't think i can part with them!) and prada, but have sold others like Kate Spade...also planning to sell more in the months to come! sometimes I give away to my little sis or others...:s
  3. Give them to my friends.
  4. I've both sold and given them away.
  5. I've given some to my younger realtives. I do tend to hold on to them though. It's a good thing too, because I now see people carrying vintage Gucci's again....so it's a good thing I didn't sell them

  6. I keep them, maybe I'm greedy but I just can't let them go.
  7. I stick with the classics. I won't buy unless I know it would have a decent sell back.
  8. try to sell em... if they do not sell, i give em to my younger cousin.
  9. I keep them. Although, lately I've been thinking I should sell. I'm just scared I may regret it later if I do.
  10. I sell them usually. I have also given them to friends and my mother.
  11. Keep them! I just recently pulled out all my old Guccis, cleaned the up...and I am so glad I did...going to use one tomorrow!

  12. ^^^Fab Guccis!

    I keep all of my old bags. Too attached to ever sell.
  13. gave my daughter 2 of my LV's but NO WAY is she getting my vintage Chanel for a long time LOL.
  14. Way too attached to sell, just leaves me wanting more!
  15. If bags are out of my regular rotation, I give them to my mom, sisters or friends. I don't keep anything I don't use regularly.