What do you do with your mirror? Purseket?

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  1. (1) What do you do with your mirror? Do you keep it attached? Does it hang outside of the bag or do you keep it inside? Do you use it at all?

    (2) Balenciaga bags are really unstructured. Do you use something to help this, like a purseket? I have a city bag, and I crave pockets! What do you suggest?
  2. I have removed my mirrors and store them in the dustbag along with the tags and extra tassles.

    I don't use a purseket. I have a large wallet and a makeup bag with compartments. Everything goes into those two things. So in my purse I have a wallet, makeup bag, cell phone, keys and compact umbrella. All the small things that might get lost get put into the makeup bag.
  3. I don't use my mirror, I keep it in the dustbag along with the extra tassels.

    I don't have a purseket or organizer, I don't have a lot of small, free floating stuff in my bag :smile: Not sure how a purseket would fit into a B-bag, though... I wonder what that would look like.
  4. Yeah that's what I'm wondering. I love the slouch of my bag, but I want pockets! Arg what to do! I'm wondering if anyone has done this, and I'm hoping someone comes along to post a photo :smile:
  5. i just dump it all in. I keep my mirror in the front pocket, but i rarely use it, and think i should just store it somewhere.
  6. I think the purseket will totally change the character of the B bag. Most of us love the bag for it's slouchiness, not stiff or structured. While the purseket looks good with the LV Speedy, I don't think it will look good in a B bag.

    BTW, I keep my mirror in the bag, unattached. It's for just in case I need to use a mirror. :smile:
  7. i have a purseket that's currently in my speedy, i'll have to try putting it in my city later tonight and see what happens...

    since i don't carry a compact, i put the mirror in the front pocket for teeth checking and such. i also toss my cell phone in there with it. any embarassing feminine items go into the interior pocket. since i change bags so much, my stuff has kind of streamlined, so those are really the only things i need to put in pockets. other than that, i have a large wallet, a large sunglasses case, a large set of keys, and a moleskin notebook that i carry around. and a pen. the city size is perfect for it, i like the slouch that the stuff gives it (like how the sides buckle inward a bit - wonderful! perfect!)
  8. Um, what is a "purseket"?

    I tuck the mirror inside the bag--sometimes inside the front zipper pocket.

    I often carry a book in my City bag, and I find that makes it look more "structured," although that's not why I carry the book. (I'm just nerdy.)
  9. Purseket:

    Could you take pics of how the bag looks, inside and out when you do this?

    I had a purseket for my speedy 30 and sold it because i like sag, and because the speedy "walls" are much stiffer than the balenciaga, I thought the balenciaga may still stay slouchy...? I'm interested.
  10. i like how my Bbags unstructured and without a purseket!!!
    i usualy put the mirror inside the bag or, as snowhite, inside the front zipper!!!!
  11. I remove the mirrors from the bag and keep it with the tags and other stuff in the dustbag.

    As for a purseket, I don't have one! It sounds like a good idea but for now, I just put all my stuff in the bag as is :biggrin:
  12. I am with the other ladies, the mirror is in the dustbag with the extra tassles. I use the pocket for flat things, blotting tissue, compact, pen, etc, the rest of the things are just chucked in the bag. This, however, is the reason I love, and will probably only have, Twiggies. I enjoy how it is rather shallow, nothing can really hide, I can't imagine having to dig for all of my things in the deeper bags.

    I wish you well,

  13. wow, this is sooooooooooo cool LivinLuxuriously...i've never even heard of one of these before :rolleyes:
  14. I took off my mirror and stored them in a box along with my extra tassels. I don't have a City as of yet but I doubt I'll be using a purseket. I like the way B-bag slouches.
  15. my mirrors are still attached to my b-bag... i havent taken any of them off.... they just float around inside the bag... maybe i should take them off... they might break! ekekek!