What do you do with your LV??

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  1. My other thread got moved out of the LV forum. So let me ask this way. When you are out in a restaurant, what do you do with your LV? Where do you put it when another chair is not an option? Do you use a purse hook/hanger? Does it work?
  2. I always try to ask for a booth when we are in a restaurant but if we can't get one I put it on the chair next to me.
    If all else fails I use my purse hanger.
  3. purse valet honey ya gotta get one-http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3022843/0~2376779~6008000~6024190~6026473?mediumthumbnail=Y&origin=category&searchtype=&pbo=6026473&P=1
  4. Thank you, this what I wanted to know. The purse hanger really works well? What kind do you have?
  5. Thank you. The one I ordered kinda looks like that, just has a picture of a handbag on the part that sits on the table. I just wondered if it really works. Will it hold a heavy bag?
  6. oops sorry think link didn't work,ck out Nordstrom they have them.
  7. Thanks, I just highlighted the link and copied it, so I did get there and it popped up. It is cute, has a flowered lady bug on it.:tup:
  8. yes I actually think it is my best purse hanger I have.. it seems like it is very sturdy an is more adjustable in width..
  9. Thank you again, you have been very helpful. I think I will order one:tup:
  10. your more than welcome ;)

    If you have anymore questions please PM :smile:
  11. Same here, I always always ask for a booth or a 4 seater if it's available, if not then I put it on my lap with a napkin over it.
  12. I think this is the same thread as a few days ago if I am not mistaken? I always put mine in the chair next to me.
  13. i saw those purse hangers but i prefer a chair...i'd worry about damaging my bag...i'm silly...