What do you do with your LV when...

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  1. it is very old, wrinkly, falling apart, and you can't really use it anymore? What would you do with it?
  2. My mom usually gives her old ones to her housekeeper, she appriciates them, they arent like falling apart or anything but she is tired of them.
  3. I always thought it would be nice to keep the vintage ones and "look back" at them when they are like 20 years old. Like, "here, this was my first LV."
  4. Lucky housekeeper. :amuse:
  5. I usually dont use bags until they are about to fall apart. Most of mine are just in storage, the older ones at least.
  6. SELL THEM ON EBAY! :nuts: Someone will always buy the old wrinkly ones on there. It's the vintage appeal that draws the buyers in.
  7. LV bags get old and wrinkly and start falling apart? :cry:..............this is news to me.......my mother has LV bags that are like brand new and ones that are 20+ years old and other than one tiny repair she needed her oldest bag is in pristine condition.......the handles are a beautiful golden color and the leather's as good as new......how long does it take for the bag to begin falling apart and getting wrinkly/nasty? :sad2:
  8. Yeah I have the same question. I change bags a lot also that helps to reduce of wear and tear of my bags. Still.. most of my bags are still in a very good conditions despite many years of use.

    I will probably save my most favorite bags even when they old and wrinkly. But if my bags are falling apart I probably toss it away:sad: . No one can't use it anyway.
  9. I own quite a few LVs. However, my oldest one is three years old...and still looks good.

    I think if a LV ends up looking old, wrinkly, and falling part, then the owner has neglected to take good care of it.

    At the current cost for a LV, you better believe I treat all my LVs with great care. I think about their health (meaning I keep them in a smoke-free, nice temperature room to prolong their beauty and age), give them baths (meaning a tab of water and gentle strokes from a soft cloth to remove any minor dirt) and tuck them in their beds (meaning the dust bags). Yeah, I treat them like my dog in my avatar, except he gets a more thorough job with the bath part.
  10. Maybe donate it to a museum or something. ;) :lol:
  11. id sell them through ebay to buy a better bag.