What do you do with your locks on your Speedys?

  1. Do you leave it on the tab on the bag, on the zipper pull, or just take it off when you're not using it? I see a lot of bags with no locks, just wondering. I have mine hanging off the side of the bag on the end tab.
  2. I have mine on the bag just like it's supposed to be. I think a speedy without a lock is strange looking.
  3. I also have mine off the side of the bag. It's a classic LV thing..
  4. I agree, it looks "incomplete" without one. I keep the lock on the bag and my keys in my drawer.
  5. I have my lock on the bag. I even store it that way.
  6. I have my locks on the end tab :smile:
  7. I have my locks on my handles ~ it's my "clue" as to the front or the back. The lock is opposite of the little inside pocket. :p
  8. mine is on the end tab as well
  9. I leave mine on my speedy. To me, it's a part of the bag.
  10. Yup, a speedy would not want to be seen in public without it's lock. That is why mine are on my bags.
  11. I leave my locks on the end tab.

  12. ITA.

    My keys are also hanging with the lock, the way my SA put when I first bought it (the link holding the keys are locked onto the lock itself).

  13. ^^^^^

    That's so cute.
    I totally agree!!
  14. I leave mine on the bag...I like how it adds some bling and shine to the speedy :biggrin:
  15. I don't take the lock off of my speedies, but I do take it off of other bags when they aren't being used (cb retro..cb papillon...)