What do you do with your fake bags?

  1. Okay...I made the mistake a couple of years ago and bought a fake bag off of ebay. I didn't realize that it was a fake until months later (to late to retrieve any retribution). I have chalked it up to a lesson learned, and have not bought a bag off of ebay since. So, my question is, what do I do with the bag now? Throw it away? Sell it on ebay (but list it as a fake)?

    What have you ladies done?
  2. If you don't have any babies yet, wait and use it as a diaper bag. They can barf on it etc..., you won't care and the baby will travel in style! :roflmfao:
  3. I gave my one bad purchase to my daughter (she is 10) and figured I'd see how she would do with a 'really expensive' item, she had been keeping up with her authentic Coach belts and wristlet really well. To my suprise she takes such good care of that bag, which makes me a little more comfortable buying more expensive things for her.

    Guess it worked out in a roundabout way lol
  4. Same thing happened to me, except for my "Paddy", the seller gave me a hard time about a refund, so I just gave up. I have no clue what to do with them, they're all collecting dust in my house, I have 3 "LVs" and the "Paddy".
  5. I bought a fake Prada a few years ago, innocently believing that it was a "factory second". (so stupid!) I say you should still use it if you like it, but just be careful where you carry it. Obviously if you bring it into a place like Saks you'll just look tacky, but you could get away with it running errands or whatever....take advantage of the fact that some people will have no idea its a fake!
  6. I bought a new "leather" purse on eBay last year which turned out to be plastic! :shame: It even came with a dustbag (why bother?).

    I donated it to Toys for Tots at the holidays. Hopefully some little gal received it and loved it.
  7. Hi Christy,
    I don't own any fakes (I've come close though...yikes!), but perhaps donating them to a charity of your choice, and taking the tax deduction would be an option? Someone out there might just need a handbag, and they might not give a crap about the provenance.:idea:
  8. Christy, don't list it on eBay - it's not actually legal to sell a replica bag even if you're honest about it - and ironically, eBay is more likely to pull your listing if you state that it's a replica. Tt's just not worth the risk to your eBay ID. If you don't want to keep it, I think donating it is just about the only legal option other than burying it in your backyard.
  9. I'm sorry you got ripped off, but I think the only place for a fake bag is the garbage.
  10. I ended up giving several of my fake bags away as gifts (yes I did make it clear that they're not real). The thing with fakes is that you can't sell them and you can't trade them, so all you can do is either use it, give it as gifts, or donate them.
  11. My son uses the fake MC speedy as an "army bag". (He's 5-btw). He calls it his "louis vuitton gear bag". I'll have to take a picture...:lol:
  12. i dont have any... i returned the ones i bought online.. n when a friend gave me a fake fendi.. i returned it back to her..
  13. Before I knew any better, I had a couple of "fakes". I didn't want to throw them away simply because SOMEONE did labor over it, so I've given some away to relatives/friends and also simply donated in a used clothing bin.
  14. tucked away in my closet..
    out of sight, out of mind..
    i reallly just need to bring it to the salvation army.
  15. I don't have one, but maybe you can give it away to someone who doesn't care if it is fake?? :smile: