What do you do with your dog/cat when you go on vacation??


What do you do with your cat/dog when you're on vacation??

  1. Boarding Kennel

  2. Pet sitter

  3. Leave them home alone

  4. Take them with you

  5. Leave them at a friend's house

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  1. Just curious what everyone does with their pets when they're away. :smile:
  2. Leave her with Mom and Dad (well, she's actually my dad's cat, so she doesn't really notice I'm gone). However, when I get a dog, I will try to take him/her with me as much as possible.
  3. She stays with DH's mom. She loves going over to grandma's really, because Gracie is there (her dog) and she has a big backyard to run about in.
  4. My mother stays at our house to doggie-sit. With two large labradors (one of whom was rescued by us after being abandoned) I wouldn't dare board them.
  5. My dogs either stay with my Mom and Dad or come with me.

    If either of those situations is not possible, then I don't go.
  6. I board our dog if we're going away for a short time. The cat is fine for the weekend, - he hates the cattery with a passion, mainly because he can't be around other cats. If we're away for longer, we try to get someone to house-sit and take care of them.
  7. usually when i go on vacations, i take my dog with me (just stay at pet friendly hotels) or if i dont want to take him, a family member will either stay at my house or he will stay at their house.
  8. My kitties stay home by themselves when we are on vacation and a relative comes over to feed them/ clean up/ play with them every day.
  9. my baby will be staying in an "executive atrium indoor/outdoor suite" at a "resort" for cats and dogs. i trust them more than my friends (being a college student), and he gets playtimes and doggie daycare. his room's hilarious though...he gets a TV and a real bed. goodness. i fell better knowing he's pampered, though.

    check it: - - Forest Shadows Pet Resort teehee :smile:
  10. My doxies stay at my parents, where they can lounge in the sun and have their meals poolside.
  11. for the most part my pugs come with us, because my boyfriend and i travel around in our rv so they can go. we just got back from an 11 day trip with them. this weekend, and next weekend we will be going again.

    if we go on a big trip though and can't bring them, then my mom will come over and stay at my house and watch them. she has a pug too, so 4 pugs will be running around my house. heh.
  12. Unfortunately this is why we don't get to go on vacation :crybaby:

    The not-vacationing part gives us extra spending cash, but it's really sad.

    Are dogs are so pampered there is really no where we could leave them and not stress them out. My weim is getting pretty old too.

    When we do go somewhere now we drive to the coast or the wine country and just take them with us.
  13. We board the dogs and have my vet tech friend come to my house for the kitties.
  14. Great question!! We go away ALOT. Thank the heavens above we have a wonderful single (OH so handsome by the way) guy that is a dear friend of ours that loves staying at out house and more importantly LOVES my girls. He is very responsible but the girls treat him as a play mate!! I think the girls think they are at doggy camp when we leave...no parents...play hard! There is a story everytime we come back.
  15. I leave her at a petsitter's house. We tried to leave her home and have someone come in 3 or 4 times a day to feed her and walk her but she peed in all our bedrooms!! We had to rent a carpet cleaner as soon as we came home.