What do you do with your cles?

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  1. Do you clip it onto your bag, or keep it inside?

    I want to get a cles sometime after I get a bag, and I'm not sure what I would do with it. I thought that I'd keep money inside, but its probably not the best idea to do that with it clipped onto the outside, which I wanted to do. :p

    What do you do with your cles? :smile:
  2. Mine is purely used as an accessory to my bag, like an ornament!:smile:
  3. I keep one inside my bag for extra-cards and one outside (like a charm) where I keep my buss pass (to avoid digging in my bag when the buss comes)
  4. depends,
    Currently still using my vernis cles and my keys are attached. I either toss it in my bag when i'm not using my keys or I hook it over my bag so i can find my key easily.

    When i first got my vernis cles i used it on my lockit as an accessory.
    Currently my mono cles is in my bag holding extra cards. No real point hanging it off a mono bag you wont see it.
  5. Also if you do a search within the lv forum you'll find many threads on this topic... Good luck!

  6. I keep mine attached to my keys. It has my drivers license & my debit card in it (along with a few other random things). The great thing is, if I just need to run to the store, I can grab my keys and go - I have everything I need!
  7. I guess I am alone in not "loving" the cles that I got. I got one in Vernis and although I LOVED the color, I had bought it to put my keys on and I wanted to be able to tuck my keys in the cles so that they would not scratch other items in my bag. Well . . . the keys (only two - a house key and a honda car key) couldn't fit in the cles and the honda car key (which is plastic on top and thicker) did not fit comfortably on the key ring as well. It broke my heart to send such a pretty item back, but I knew it wasn't going to work for me! Now I am trying to figure out what other item I can get in the pomme!
  8. I carry change in mine.
  9. I keep my spare car key in it and the keys to my grandparents apartment.
  10. I have my car/house keys attached to it. I usually zip the keys inside a cles before I put it in my bag so they don't scratch the inside.
  11. I do this too! SOOOO handy!
  12. attach a small ring to your car key and attach it to the cles.. like this
    IMG_4927.jpg IMG_5762.jpg
  13. I keep mine on the inside and keep smaller bills and coins in it.
  14. here is what i carry in my mono cles /keys attached.
    the vernis cles, keys attached and lic and debit card. it doesnt hold near as much as the mono cles.
  15. I just charm it to my bags.