What do you do with unwanted gifts?

  1. I'm cleaning out my room right now and i'm stumbling upon all these things that bring back memories and also some gifts from friends in the past that have been given to me. But I don't know what to do with them! Some things are like little bags that I know I'll never use and a common gift given to me was stuffed animals when i was younger because people got the idea that I really liked stuffed animals and they take up a lot of space! It makes me happy seeing that people cared about me and thought to give me these gifts but I don't like seeing my room all cluttered too. And there's all these other random things too like candles and whatnot. I don't know if I should just pack them away in a bin so I can keep them forever. Or maybe I should give them away but then I feel bad because they're gifts given to me! And I am never one to complain about gifts given or ask for certain things... I don't mean to complain in this post, I just don't know what to do with them because the pile just keeps growing!

    What do YOU do with gifts you don't use? :shrugs:
  2. I either sell things on eBay or give them away to women's shelters, The Bissel Centre (centre for the homeless) or Goodwill.
  3. I re-gift! Someone's trash is another man's treasure... and I know a lot of trashy people! LOL
  4. ^^ITA to bnjj and b00mbaka!
  5. i either pass them along to someone i know who might like them but with full disclosure, usually a sister, good friend, neighbor, nanny, cleaning lady - pretty much in that order. by the time i go through the list someone will be willing to take the item(s) in question...

    if that doesn't work i donate to charity/shelter... or sell on eBay

    i never regift. it makes me too nervous... like what if they find out or try/want to exchange... then i would be sooo embarrassed!!
  6. no one ever thinks twice about it because it's a gift though? I guess i get too attached to everything and that's why i'm a pack rat. -_-
  7. I recently cleaned out my closet and drawers so I went through a similar situation. I'll look at an item and think: "Awww, so-and-so gave this to me and it's so cute." But then I remember that it has been in the back of a drawer for over a year and never used. If I think realistically and know that I won't use that item then I start a nice little stack on my floor and keep cleaning. I usually let my mom, sister and aunt go through whatever I'm getting rid of. I never throw anything away (unless it's broken). Then I take what is left and give it away. I either give it to my aunt to take to her church or I take it to Goodwill. A lot of these things are small little decorations, stuffed animals and/or clothing that I don't feel like bothering myself with attempting to sell on eBay. I just learned how to use eBay but don't have the energy to post such little items up. I've never given something like that away as a gift either.
  8. that's such a good thing to do! there are so many people out there who would love to have these little extras...
  9. Regift, donate, or sell.
  10. Another regifter here if it is still in new condition.
  11. It depends on the gift what I do. Most things I just donate. Remember, when you donate to a charity to write it down, get a receipt and then claim it on your taxes for a tax refund!

    Remember, things are just that... things. If it's special to you, take a picture of it or use it. Otherwise pass it on so that someone else might really enjoy it.
  12. I cant stand to have junk laying around that i know im not going to use so i usually just throw it away or give it to someone else, my friends love me because im always getting rid of bags of stuff and let them all have first pick.
  13. How about a garage sale?
  14. Depending on the items, I definitely recommend finding a good charity or donation place like women's shelters, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, churches, Goodwill, etc. for donations vs. throwing stuff out. I'd much rather know someone else may enjoy the item vs. having it fill up landfills.
  15. I give it to someone else who will make good use of it.