What do you do with the tags?

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  1. What do you do with the tags from your bags? I recently found out that a friend and I do the same thing - we carry the tags in the zip wall pocket of our bags. She just used one of hers to assist her in determining if a discounted bag she was looking at was a fake. I also keep the receipt in the dustbag.

    Where do you keep your tags?
  2. I keep tags in a box, then the recipt in the zipper compartment.
  3. i keep the tags the same way -- in the zip pocket.
  4. I keep the tags in a ziploc bag inside of the box that the bag came in.
  5. I keep the tags in an envelope and label the envelope so I know which bag the tag came off of. I keep the tags/envelopes in a box.
  6. I never carry the tags or the receipts around with me. The receipts go straight to my accordion file where all my receipts are kept by month. The tags I keep in a ziplock bag at home :smile:.
  7. all my paperwork goes into the dustbag
  8. i keep the tags and the receipt in the pocket inside each bag. recently, we went for a long vacation outside the country and to make sure that i wont have any problems with the customs in the airport ( i brought like 4 of my favorite bags with me ) , i have all the receipts and tags inside each bag. there were some who were saying that if you are travelling from a different country , especially from the asian countries , they will confiscate your counterfeit bags , if you were carrying a couple of them . upon hearing that story , i started keeping all the "necessary documents " for each my bag.. travel ready !
  9. I keep all my tags in the zipper compartment of the handbags as well. The receipt I keep inside my wallet. or in the dust bag.
  10. I have most of the tags still and they are in the zip wall pockets as well! I don't think I kept any of my receipts though.
  11. i keep everything in the dust bag.. I dont carry anything around with me... If my bag was stolen the thief gets a nice designer bag, tags, and receipt, lol haha
  12. All tags go in a box. Receipts go in a file.
  13. In the dust bag or interior pocket of bag.
  14. same here:tup:
  15. I never thought of keeping the tags before. I keep the receipts but usually just throw away the tags. Maybe I'll begin keeping the tags...