What do you do with the "sinking bottom" on LV Speedys?

  1. Hi, is it true that the LV Speedy have really soft bottoms/ bases? That way, when you fill your bag up, the bottom really sinks and the bag loses its shape. How do you Speedy owners overcome this problem?
  2. Yes they sag, I always keep a magazine in it to help keep it's shape and me from getting bored ;) .
  3. for my speedies, i just put a cardboard with round edges as base and it works great. i don't like the look of a sagging speedy! speedy canvas are soft, so that you can fold up the up and bring it along for your travel, that is what i was told.
  4. The base of speedy bags aren't strengthened in any way. There has been a similar thread about this a while ago.
    Many people said that they like the 'sag' and it was part of the speedy charm. I must admitt though, I don't. I bought a flat gift box and have used that. It fits perfectly in the bottom of my speedy 30 so now keeps its shape.
    My neo denim speedy I just put a long diary in the bottom and that seems to help.
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    If you actually fill the bag with stuff, it won't sag (well, it doesn't for me). But if you only choose to carry a wallet and a cell phone in a bag (like tart Jessica in the pic below) then it will sag.:yes:
  6. For the 25, I find that the Coach mini catelogues fit in the bottom perfectly !
  7. Nada. I like the sink!
  8. I put plexiglass on the bottom of my mono Speedy 30, and it doesn't sag anymore. I didn't have to put anything in the bottom of my epi Speedy 25 because it doesn't really sag.
  9. For my speedy 25 I put two teen vogue magazines in the bottom =D
  10. I use the cardboard too. :yes: And a Purseket to help it keep its shape. :biggrin:
  11. I always just use whatever book I'm reading at the time in the bottom of my 25 :biggrin:
  12. i put a piece of cardboard in the bottom, wrapped in cloth so that it's clean.

    although i'm converting to plexiglass too, because the cardboard is a little flimsy :yes:

    i don't like the sag either
  13. I put one side of a manila folder (one half of it) at the bottom of my Speedy 30. It's light-weight, and it's not so stiff, but it still keeps it from sagging.
  14. ditto. cardboards in my speedies also.
  15. Cardboard is a girl's best friend.