What do you do with the products that bomb?

  1. What do you do with them products that don't end up working for you? I just found a bag of products I shoved in the drawer and seems like a waste of money to just throw them out.
  2. Either I give to my mother/daughter or whoever. A lot of times I use the product for something else. For instance, I might use a face moisterizer for hands, a thick cream for cuticles, whatever I can think of. It kind of depends how much I paid for it. I usually do like everything I get for the most part so I don't run into that problem often :smile: That eco lip balm I ended up leaving in car and use on cuticles, works great!
  3. i do like a big cleaning session in my room like i go through all my clothes and accessories etc basically equivalent to like a spring cleaning/fall cleaning. when I do this I also go through all my make-up and skincare stuff. anything that really bombed and I cant use and I cant give to my sister I will most likely throw away unless i really spend an exorbitant amount of money on it in which case i will keep it until i find use for it.
  4. I swap them (Makeupalley) or I give them to my mom or best friend. Neither one of them are a makeup/beauty addict like me so they are usually thrilled. To be honest I am kind of over swapping simply bc it is somewhat time consuming and shipping is just too darn expensive lol.
  5. I usually give it to my mom and if I know she won't use it, sadly I just end up throwing it away...
  6. Same here. My sister gets a lot of them or I find alternate uses too! I'll use face creams for my hands all the time. Most of the time I'm just trying to find new homes for deluxe samples, GWP etc since I try to pick my purchases better now, but every once in a while a dud squeezes through.
  7. Lipstick colors that aren't all that great on my lips can be used as cream blush....usually works no matter the color!

    Face creams can be used on the neck and chest not just the hands! You'll be happy you paid attention to those areas when you get older.
  8. Sadly, mine end up in the trash :sad:(( My close GF's are not into makeup like I am so it's not really possible to trade...
  9. If it's unreturnable.. either my mom or the trash. Sometimes I keep potential bombs in a bag where it may just work later on down the road.
  10. I give lots of cosmetics to my daughter-in-law and my sister. If it's not right for them, I throw them out. I have done this a lot over the years and it doesn't drive me crazy.
  11. Lol its funny how so many of us unload stuff on our moms!

    I give things I don't like to my mom or keep them for a while and give them another try. I tend to give a lot of samples or GWP I have never used to my housekeeper as well.
  12. Thanks for the idea on the eco lip balm! i was just about to throw it out.
  13. This may have been said already but it's worth repeating. If you're unhappy with any beauty or makeup product you've bought at Nordstrom, you can return it for a full refund. That's what I do
  14. Just a thought...maybe we can do swaps here? I know selling isn't permitted here...maybe talk to the mods and see if we can start a swap thread?
  15. I have 4 sisters and a mother so I always have a back up or a back up for back up. So $$$ never goes to waste.