What do YOU do with the id tags?

  1. I was wondering what everyone did with the id tags on their bags. Do you leave them? Take them off? Put your id or a picture in it? Get them heatstamped? :pI don't even know if thats possible.
  2. I leave it on..Unless its a plane carryon..I just leave it be.
  3. I wondered the same thing. I just don't like the plastic part of it so i took the tag off the bag... I stashed it inside in the zip pocket for now.
  4. I just leave them on as well....
  5. I just leave it on too. I have visions of all these Italian women checking the bags during lunch, having locked them first with their little keys, then using the name tags to tell them all apart. Who knows why they started doing all that? ;)
  6. I leave mine on. I think they are cute. I'd put a picture in them, but it's so small that I haven't found anything that works yet. I'm really digging the new tags with the cruise ship on it. :cool:
  7. I leave mine on - just as Liv Tyler does.
  8. If I had a bag that had the id tags, I'd leave them on. I think it adds a certain something to the bag.
  9. I leave mine on. Only one of my bags has one, and I think the id tag looks pretty good on there.
  10. I leave them on as well. I never thought of taking it off LOL.
  11. I have the antik cervo satchel and took my tag off. Like it better without! :balloon:
  12. I leave mine on. I have a penny from my birth year in one, and a picture of my dogs in the other. But you could put a little dried flower in it, or a snip of vintage lace, or a little Italian coin, or an edge of a old Lire note, a lock of your baby's hair...there are many possibilities for something small.
  13. ^^Good idea Jburgh.
    I was just sitting here looking at mine wondering what to do with it cause I dont like the empty plastic looking part hanging outward on the bag. It looks funky to me but I bet it would look better with something in it...
  14. I leave mine on. Keep thinking of doing something creative and then have not -- but maybe this post will inspire me finally !!

  15. OMG I LOVE that idea!!! I leave mine on as I feel the bag was designed that way so it should be there....hmmm....I have a million pennies in my desk drawer...I need (2) 1966's...looks like I won't be starting my work anytime soon hehehe:rolleyes: