What do you do with suede bottoms?

  1. Tell me if I'm nuts, but I bring most of my high end shoes to repair shops and add a very thin layer of rubber to the original suede bottoms.

    (1) So I don't slip
    (2) I can't bare to wear them and rip out all the suede.

    I mean why do they make the bottom of the shoes in suede anyways? Do you all only wear them on the red carpet, marble floors...etc?
  2. tjhe reason behind suede basically was to avoid to slip on glassy surfaces like you do with normal leather soles when the shoes are new.suede does have a better grip
    oh and i would never ever put plastic under my soles as it ruines the shoe and also is against the idea behind a leather sole (comfort air circulation and the likes:flowers:
  3. I put rubber soles on some of my heels w/ a leather sole for two reasons

    1) i usually am wearing it on the street... when i go around soho, 5th ave or the upper east side.. ... the pavement messes up my leather soles and I end up putting rubber on them anyway so i might as well put on the rubber soles first before messing up my leather soles.

    2) for shock absorbent issues. It feels better on my feet w/ a little layer of rubber sole opposed to a leather sole only