What do you do with pony hair?

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  1. So, I seem to have caught the b-bag infatuation here on the forum, and I've been thinking about getting the pony hair one that I have been lusting after for a while. But the closer I come to whipping out the plastic, the more confused I get ... how do you treat pony hair?! Can you take it out in the rain?! And how do you take care of it, I don't see myself using leather moisturizer on it, doh! :wacko:
  2. Are they really made of ponies?
  3. Don't care for pony hair!!! I think is only for Winter and just looks hairy. It is not made from pony or horse hair, it is actuall from cow or calfs. Also I wonder if it smells if it gets pretty wet from rain etc? Do they shed?
  4. i dislike furry bags, so unfortunately i don't think i can be of much help :-/
  5. Inkypaws - Between your comment and your doggy picture, I was wondering if it would smell like wet dog if it got wet too!

    Honestly, I know nothing about pony hair/calf hair... hair in general except that which is on my own body.
  6. I have an old Adrienne Vittadini pony hair purse that's been dyed in a cheetah pattern. Anyways, I haven't done a thing to it! It's over 8 years old, but still looks good. The only issue is a spot where it's rubbed against my body, so it's getting bald--and I don't think Rogaine is going to help...

    Anyways, I think a well-made pony hair bag should do fine. I didn't even store it in a dust bag b/c they kinda didn't exist when I got that purse, lol. I don't remember ever taking it out in the rain though.