what do you do with makeup you hate?

  1. I have so much stuff that I've only used a couple of times cuz it just didn't look good on me after I come home with it from the store. Do you guys return? or just let it sit there? :shrugs:
  2. Straight to the trash~
  3. either sell it, or give it to my mum!
  4. If I haven't "used it", maybe just a test - then it goes back. Sephora has a pretty good return policy. (They allow you to return things that have been tested if you don't like them, they just don't restock them when you let them know that... Just want to make sure ppl know that I'm not returning used stuff as new!!)

    If I have used it a few times and just don't like it, I hand it down to my nieces or just throw it away...

    I'm trying to stick with things that I really think I would like lately - because the second option was getting expense there for a while. :shame:
  5. i put them up to MUA and swap for something I can use =)
  6. I keep them stored in an old makeup bag I wouldn't use...there are plenties of times I opened that bag up, took out something that came into "style".... a lot better than throwing it out, then needing it if a new trend pops up!
  7. I just put it on the corner of my drawer...and when I looked at it, there are a lot!LOL
  8. if I can't give it away I eventually throw it away
  9. I usually give it to my maids. and if they don't want it they find other people they know who'd like it.
  10. if I just bought is within 30 days, it is headed back to the stores. If I have grown to hate it over the time past 30 days, give it to best friend or toss it.
  11. I usually save it for my daughters' dance recitals. They always need to have heavy makeup on stage (I HATE THAT!!!) so it's a good place for yuck makeup.

    If it doesn't work for the recital it gets tossed in the garbage. What a waste of $$ - I don't buy any makeup anymore except mascara.
  12. I throw it out, I like to keep my make up bags as minimalistic as possible, and I can't really achieve that if I keep everything - including things that don't work on me.
  13. Colour with it !!
  14. i'm such a product junkie, so i usually end up with a lot of stuff that i dont want. I usually wait till i have about 5 things and then give my best friend a little goodie bag.
  15. Take it back to Sephora, baby! Used or not, no matter how long ago, they'll take it with a smile and give you store credit.

    Happiness is a Sephora gift card loaded for shopping!