What do you do with LV's you aren't reaching for anymore?


Mar 7, 2015
Back when I was 14 (21 now), I saved up all of my money from working before my mom, brother, and I went on a family trip to Bermuda. While in Bermuda, I bought my first ever LV, a monogram Speedy 30. As I've grown, I don't find myself reaching for it as much. I now have 2 other LV bags, DE Neverfull and a Monogram Favourite MM and now prefer using crossbody/shoulder bags instead of handheld bags.

I can't see myself selling it because it was my first LV purchase but I hate seeing it sit and not being used. I've used it at one point with a regular Speedy B strap but I'm too scared to cause damage to it. Not to mention, I live in Canada where it could rain/snow/hail, etc at any moments so wearing a monogram bag out and about kind of scares me since I don't want it to get ruined.

What do you all do with LV bags or just bags in general that you aren't reaching for anymore?


Mar 29, 2006
Most people don't hoard luxury bags; they sell or gift those that don't work out for whatever reason.

The Speedy is a true classic that you might well fall back in love with in a few years. I know it's Canada, but people in cold and often damp climates still use Monogram (I do, in the Midwest). If you sell it but decide to rebuy at a later time, you'll be shocked how much more expensive the Speedy is every year...the price increases are murder.

So...examine whether you want to be a bag hoarder. If not, that will dictate your next move.
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Bmore chic

Oct 4, 2018
I never thought of myself as a hoarder, but I do keep old bags I don’t use in my closet in their dust cloth. (I used to keep them in boxes but read the care guide online and have stopped). Some were gifts with sentimental value and others I just keep bc I’m not into selling stuff and have never thought to give my used stuff as a gift. Also styles change so just Bc you don’t use it now doesn’t mean you won’t in a couple of years.


Apr 12, 2015
I also sell mine or give them to my Mom. I’ve also sold my sister a brand new bag and sold my Mom a bag as well. I love keeping the most special bags in the family, like my Hermes bags and my LV Sofia Coppola (that has made its way back to me :smile:).


Oct 10, 2014
I keep all 8 of mine; moods change, you might want to grab for it in the future. It's paid for, why not keep it for a rainy day? We only wear one at a time, so not all get used and unless you run out of space, it's nice to have them available.


Apr 16, 2007
I've been wondering about this too. The resale value wasn't great so I just left them in my closet. But its been about 5 years since they've seen the light of day. Thinking about just getting rid of them or like another poster said "give them to my mom".


♥ luxurious ♥
Dec 5, 2011
I keep all my bags - I had a Neverfull I completely stopped wearing for a good 8 years. This winter I'm obsessed with wearing lady-like outfits in camel tones and the neverfull looks awesome with my outfits.

I had a limited edition Burberry bag that I purchased in Italy back in 2006 and I absolutely hated it. I stopped wearing it and really contemplated throwing it away as everytime I saw the bag in its dustbag I just exploded with regret. At the time it was $2300 USD which was reallly expensive for a bag. I recently took it out after this whole Burberry resurgence and I'm so happy I didn't throw it out, I think I look so fly and no one has the design. :panic:

My mom tried to make her favorite bootcut jeans into skinnies and I stopped her!

I would keep it. You just never know!
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Sep 9, 2010
Normally I'd tell you to sell it because you aren't using it, but I think you will really be glad you held onto it down the road. It's something very classic that you bought yourself at 14. I'm 30 and I know I'd feel that way.

There is something about LV bags as they age and in 10 or 20 years that will be a really enjoyable vintage piece for you.