What do you do with inherited jewelry??

  1. Ladies, I need some ideas. When my mom passed away, I inherited her jewelry. I, of course, kept everything that had any emotional value to her, and I wear something of hers every day to help me remember her.

    In amongst her things, I have inherited two or three cocktail rings. They're pretty, I guess, but they're certainly not me. I can't imagine it's worthwhile to get the stones taken out and melt down the gold, but I can't figure out what else to do with them.

    Should I get them appraised and then throw them out to ebay to see what happens or is there a smarter approach?

  2. I wouldn't put them on ebay. They have sentimental value. I'd save them and give them to another family member or a child or grandchild of your own one day.
  3. NO NO NO!!!! I don't know how old you are, but don't do anything yet. PLease hold on to the jewelry and give it time. Some pieces you may want later in your life and you may not realize it right now. Give it some time to see if your tastes may change or that you may see it differently. They just might be in fashion later or may be something that catches you eye. Trust me, everything comes full circle!
  4. I hear you, Kellybag. I am keeping the bulk of what was my mother's (or have given it to my daughter). I was just thinking of letting go of two pieces that didn't have much emotional value to her. One of the rings was won at some sort of sweepstakes.
  5. I know exactly where you're coming from. My mom died last year...

    I wear her jewelry! It keeps me close to her, especially her Yurman pieces, because my mom LOVED her some Yurman. When I bought her a bracelet for her birthday, she was so excited and happy and told EVERYONE that I bought it for her and when I wear it now, it makes me sad, but it makes me happy remembering the good times.

    I did sell some things, like the St. John jewelry...It wasn't my taste, and no one in our family wore it either, so selling it along with her clothes wasn't a problem for me.
  6. I am going through the exact same thing! I inherited a bunch of jewelry from my mom, grandma and even some from my aunt. Needless to say, some pieces are just not me, and soem are just too sentimental to part with. I just don't know what to do, or where to sell them if I do decide to part with them!
  7. I can understand where you're coming from, I have a ring that came from y grandmother( I've had this ring for about 20 yrs now) Its not me, I often wondered will i ever enjoy it? the answer is yes, I had the ring sized and every now and again i'll wear it and i love it. It happens to be my daughters birthstone as well so it will be passed onto her in time.

    I also have aring that was left to my father, it belonged to my grandfather. I got it about 6/7 yrs ago and again was unsure what to do with it. It meant/means alot to me as i remember my grantfahter wearing it. So i had it sized and wear it on my middle finger.

    I would say if you're unsure about the rings you have maybe have something made with all the stones. Or maybe make a charm for a necklace. you have a lot of options.

  8. Please don't put them in a box and leave them in the house like I did. I while back I posted a thread on this, I had my jewelery box stolen by a friend who stayed at my house.

    You may think "oh it wont happen to me", but I didn't think so either.

    Please keep your valuables in a bank safe.
  9. I usually reset them or keep them to pass on to my daughters.
  10. And if you do decide to sell them on eBay, get them appraised, include the appraisal in the listing, and learn to live with the fact you will only get about 30% of appraisal price.

    eBay is a great place to buy jewelry, and a terrible place to sell it (although it still may be the best game in town compared to a pawn shop). :oh:
  11. I'm going to be the downer... my family had jewlery passed on for generations, which was all in my room back home because of its value. Our house got robbed last November and they stole ALL of it... every piece.

    Keep it all!!!! That is the best advice I can give you. And wear it and love and cherish it
  12. Oh Megs...I Am So Sorry Sweetie. We Have Had A Couple Similar Situations In My Family (Different Things Involving Different People) ~
    I'm Sorry I'm Not Saying More ~ It Breaks My Heart When I Think About It....Megs Pm Or Email Anytime...I'm Here! :smile:

    I Use To Say....Oh Sell It! i.e. A Bag On eBay!!! .......No More. Everything Stays Close To Me.....Including Jewelry.
  13. I'm in the same situation and still don't know what to do. I even have some loose stones which I may take to get set but I don't trust anyone not to swap it out for a piece of crap :sad:

    My mom left me lots of yellow gold jewelery which I don't wear because it doesn't look good on me (only wear silver/white gold)

    {{HUGS}} Megs, it's a terrible thing to happen.
  14. Hmmm. Interesting range of replies. One thing I did recently is to take the diamond from my mother's engagement ring, and turn it into a necklace. I already had a necklace wtih teardrop shaped diamond, so I asked the jeweler to hang the teardrop from my mother's round diamond. It came out really well, and is certainly unusual. Perja, maybe you can do something like that with your loose stones. Megs and LondonBrat, I'm so sorry you got robbed. LondonBrat, as I recall, you were robbed by a "friend" who stole a lot more than your jewelry. I'm still hoping you get to kick her butt one day soon!
  15. Go right to the bank and rent a safe deposit box..that is where I keep all my inherited and important jewelry and papers!