What do you do with heavy charm bracelets?

  1. I bought a charm bracelet from Juicy Couture online from an auction site and I when I finally got the bracelet, I found out it was heavy! I used it 3 times I think but I don’t normally use it because it was heavy and the charms are quite large.. What do you usually do on these kinds of bracelets?
  2. How about using it as a bag charm?
  3. How? I don't know how to make it as a bag charm.. Can you show me some pics? Sorry for my ignorance. Hehe.
  4. If there are charms that I really like, I take them off the bracelet and give them new jobs as pendants.

  5. You can either loop the charms around a handle like a bracelet, or use 2 key rings and use it like the LV bag charm/bracelet shown on the pic!

    I want those LV pastilles... :drool:

  6. Great idea! That would be real cool!
  7. That sounds interesting! Let me try that! Thanks!

    Any other suggestions??
  8. as someone suggested, a bag charm really adds character to a simple colored bag. and some juicy bags come with chains with charm that look like bracelets but are actually attached to the bag. hope it works out and let us know if it does
  9. like shikmapuff said, i wear them on a long gold chain as a pendant. i wear two at once, the wishbone and the seashell.
  10. I like the necklace idea. If I'm being stubborn I'll wear the bracelet regardless though, you get used to the weight... as long as it doesn't interfere when I'm writing then I'm happy :smile:
  11. I have 3 Juicy charm bracelets. Although they're heavy, I've gotten used to them.

    I've used the Juicy charms as pendants as well. My mom loves to do that with the ones I gave her.