What Do You Do With Haemorrhoid Cream???

  1. Strange question I know but I've been reading that using haemorrhoid cream is a trick used by make-up artists as a quick fix face lift. Do you put it all over the face or can you put it around the eyes? Does it go under foundation? All you make-up artists please help? Does it actaually work?
  2. Hmm...Ive heard its good for inflamed pimples.
  3. I have heard it's good for dark puffy morning eyes. Hmmm - after last night I oughtta do that now.
  4. it's an anti-inflammatory, so a lot of people use it for puffy under eye bags.
  5. LOL! What were you doing last night?!!
  6. Oh - I wish there was a good story! My 1 yr. old was up with a fever... Poor guy has a wicked little cold.

    As I was rocking him to sleep at 2 a.m. I entertained myself with visions of the cotton club tote vs. pochette. Hello - addited much?;)
  7. Oh, I feel for you and your little guy, poor thing. I always wished I was the one who was sick instead of them when they were so little. Don't worry - you are in the thick of it now. My boys are 9 and 11 now - it goes by really quick!

    PS: go with the tote. I've seen it and love it. How big is the pochette - isn't that pretty small?

    We are all addicted to this place. Whenever I can't sleep I just start thinking about all the cool handbags/wallets/etc I've seen here and start prioritizing them according to "want" in my mind. Better than counting sheep. It is like a cartoon with little handbags flying over my head as I try to sleep!
  8. I heard its good for under eye puffiness but can be very drying? I've never used it myself but was always curious too.
  9. I remember one of the characters in Fashion Babylon used it, the article in the link is right, it simply contracts the veins.
  10. ...put it on haemorrhoids?

    sorry! couldn't help it! :roflmfao:

    I heard models used it to fight cellulite :shrugs:
  11. Supposedly it should help you with eye puffiness and bags. Haven't tried it myself though!
  12. I am a pregnant mother so ya don't want to know what I do with it! LOL :p
  13. its good for swollen feet too!
  14. Leaving it there on the drugstore shelf has always worked for me.