What do you do with friends who do not say thank you?

  1. After reading a thread on rude shoppers, I just remembered what gets my goat year after year. People who do not acknowledge or thank you for the gifts you sent them. I do not give my gift personally and usually relies on messengers to deliver my gifts. I just think it is proper that I get a call, text or email to acknowledge and a thank you from the person who receives the gift. I have a friend, whose son is also my godson... I send her and her son gifts every christmas and the NEVER get a thank you. It happened again this year. I am already planning not to give her any gifts next year. Do you think I am over reacting?
  2. I agree....alot of people forget to thank over the holidays and there is NO excuse!
  3. Not overreacting at all. At minimum you should get some sort of thank you or acknowledgement of your gift. If not, I would seriously drop these people from my gift lists.

    And I guess I'm super old school b/c I would never want (or expect) a text or email thank you note...yuck! A few of us in my generation still have 'bread and butter' stationery for sending off quick thank you notes [in snail mail]....makes SUCH a difference. But perhaps that's a lost art. I think it's a fabulous little luxury.

  4. Im 21 and I actually collect thank you cards because I love to send them out :love:

    I just wish other people my age thought the same :sad:
  5. Yay, shay, glad to hear it! I stock up every year or so at a stationery store...Cranes thank you notes with the gold embossed initial of my last name have become my trademark in my circle of family/friends and I love it! :heart:
  6. I agree! Nothing bothers me more than when someone doesn't say Thank You. Not just regarding gifts but also for general everyday things/kindness. I mean, I don't expect someone to say Thank You for everything I do. But I seriously dislike those people in my life that NEVER say Thank You for anything. I don't expect someone to go out of their way for me like I can sometimes do for them. But some acknowledgment would be appreciated.

    I understand your frustration and don't think it would be rude to stop sending them gifts. To me, if you don't have the decency to call me and thank me for a Christmas gift then you must not really want my gift in the first place. I understand if it might slip a persons mind every so often to call and say Thank You, especially with the crazy holidays. But if they NEVER say it then they'd be crossed off my shopping list.
  7. ITA. Sometimes I've even called to make sure they received the gift and one response was "oh yeah I got that, sorry I didn't say thanks, been too busy" Geez. My Christmas list has gotten smaller as a result.
  8. On the flip side, giving something without being asked to, and expecting a thank you...doesn't really seem right. Why are you giving the gift? Just to be thanked? Yes, the person is probably tacky for not taking the time to thank you, but you can acknowledge that and move on. Some people lack manners, some maybe don't think it is important. If I give a gift, I don't expect a thank you at all. I'm giving a gift to give, not to be thanked formally.
  9. It bothers me, too, when people don't say thank you at the very least for a gift. But I have always put it into the perspective that, depending on each individual, the person doesn't know how to say thanks, if you know what I mean. I am sure most of the time, the receiver greatly appreciates the gift, and I figure as long as I made someone's day, I am fine with it, although a thanks would be nice, but I just overlook it most of the time.
  10. Pursegrrl and Shay, you are a dying breed!
  11. It annoys me too but I agree w/ Candace here.
    Not everyone was raised to write them. . . I'd call and confirm they got it, but I'd definitely not punish the son for his Mom's lack of respect.
  12. I deal with mixed feelings on this issue every day. My sister and I were raised to write thank you notes for everything, and my parents (well, mom) still writes thank you notes for everything too.

    DH's husband's family, on the other hand, NEVER sends thank you notes. It drives me crazy. I spend a lot of time and effort shopping for his parents and sisters. His nieces (age 4 and 2) are too young to write their own thank yous. 99.9% of the time I never get any sort of acknowledgment -- no phone call, email or even a faux pas text message. Frankly, it just amazes me that all of his immediate family with such a high level of education and intelligence (all went to Ivy league schools) lack such common sense and courtesy.
  13. ^we're the opposite. . .
    DH's family is hardcore about thank you's, I on the other hand wasn't raised to write them but I do!
    I always write them, well, always TRY to write them! But I've never let anyone wonder if I got the gift or not:nogood
  14. Exactly! Most of the time my gifts get NO acknowledgment at all. I go nuts!

    DH says they are just more "casual" about these things. Makes me crazy. More casual about being rude?
  15. it's just so disrespectful to not acknowledge it. . . even an e-mail, to me, is better than nothing.