What do you do with free time?

  1. Yesterday I organized my handbags by designer. I really had no idea that I had many of the same designer that I had bought because I liked them at the time. I guess I don't have enough hobbies and now my kids playroom closet has been converted to my "purse room". What do you guys do with your free time?
  2. When I'm not shoveling snow, I love to peruse tPF. Ha, I also love to give my credit card a good old fashioned work out: two bags expected this week, my Belen Echandia Love Me and a Rafe Kate Wooster. Oh, I also read in my spare time and will soon be paid for writing book reveiws! Also have two teenaged boys that take up a lot of my time, a husband (same) and several pets and farm animals. When I actually do have time and can get out of the house (and I don't mean to shovel snow), I LOVE to shop!!! These days, most of my shopping has been online. Can't wait for spring...
  3. What free time? It mostly comes in tiny spurts - like 10 minutes, and here I am!!
  4. I my free time I am here or in the German purse forum or I read a book or I work out (running, pump, martial arts, pilates, step aerobics etc.).
    Regina :tup:
  5. Free time? Hmmm...I have three kids, three dogs and a husband! Other than that, I knit. I really love to knit and it's really relaxing and fun to make something from almost nothing.
  6. In my tiny amount of pure "free" time that I have, I'm obsessed with tPF!
  7. All my free time goes to tPF! :nuts: But sometimes, I'll read, play my Final Fantasy on my PS2, and hang out with my friends and boyfriend.
  8. Shop!!!!!
    Listen to music
    Attend concerts
    Hang out with friends at restaurants and whatnot
  9. workout, hang out, explore!
  10. I guess it depends on what things you make time for vs. what things you wish you had more time for. For me, hanging out on tPF is "me" time and I love it! I have to tear myself away from the computer and force myself to go to bed, or I could be up all night!
  11. A lot of shopping and tPF. Haha, although I would go so far to say that between work and school, I don't have much free time. The "free time" I have is actually time I should be doing something productive but have given up. haha
  12. Mostly online browsing and TPF =) Most of my time gets eaten up this way haha.
  13. Besides playing with my children and posting on TPF, I um, like to condition my bags while watching my TIVOed programs!
  14. Work out, play with my bags, eat, and play Literati! Yes, I am super exciting! LOL
  15. LOL! I have 3 kids, a husband and I love to knit! I just finished a hat and booties for my niece/nephew to be born on Thursday 2/14/08. I'm shipping it out tomorrow am to Ireland, I just knit them this evening!

    So that is what I do in my spare time, knit and come on here and relax before going to bed,
    Good night