What do you do with all you Louis paper bags and boxes?

  1. I just bought a Carryall and it came in a HUGE box. So, now all my other boxes are in the new HUGE box but unfortyunately, I can't fit my new HUGE paper bag that came with the box (and the bag, of course) in the new HUGE box. I hid my new HUGE box on the very top most shelf in my robe!... away from my fiance's eyes! :smile:
  2. I store my bags in their boxes if possible and if not, I recycle them for X'mas gift-giving. Sometimes people shriek when they see the LV paperbag and box, and then it's amusing to see their faces go "oh..." when they open up and not see an LV bag or wallet...heeheehee call me evil but don't call me cheap....I'm helping the trees...really.
  3. lol misspiggy that's so evil :nuts:
  4. i save stuff like that. i don't know why. also, i don't have a plethora of boxes/bags, so they don't take up too much room.
  5. My large foldable LV boxes & LV shopping bags are sitting in a corner of my room collecting dust. What do you all do with your boxes & bags? Keep them, use them, toss them or even sell them? Just wondering.....
  6. I toss the bags, I save the boxes for the smaller items as I have many and can't use them too often so they sit in their boxes (I just I collect them really) I toss the boxes, but I have saved a few for fun. :p
  7. Save them usually, but going to clean them all out now!
  8. I use them to store photos (the ones taken prior to digi cam [now all my photos are on my lap top!]). I still have the bag, box, ribbons, tissue paper, stickers, from all the bags I got dating back to 1999--the lighter brown textured ones. Can't seem to part with them :smile:
  9. No boxes yet for me. I keep the bags for sentimental reasons :biggrin: I keep them hanging on my mirror and my little lv´s in them.
  10. I've saved mine for a few months but now I realize they're just taking up space, so they are going in the garbage, sorry....
  11. I save the smaller LV boxes to put my accessories in. I stop asking for the big boxes but I do save like 3 just for fun. As for the shopping bags, they are really nice and sturdy to haul gifts in during the holiday so I keep them.
  12. i keep everything...the bags and accessories go into the boxes in their dust bags..i switch bags so much that they can still breathe..
  13. i sold some boxes that i didn't need.. i have a majority of all my bags.. i keep them in a box with the rest of my other designer shopping bags. hehe. i keep my boxes inside each other, and inside the smallest box is where all my reciepts are. in the other boxes are dust bags. :smile:
  14. oh and they make great wall art too. i want to frame a bunch and put them up as framed art.. it makes for great conversation imo.
  15. There in my closet. I store my bags in their boxes and keep them in their shopping bags.