What do you do with all you Louis paper bags and boxes?

  1. I seem to run out of space in my wardrobe... need more shelves.
  2. i only have one so far and its in my closet!!!!!
  3. Recycling box!:nuts:
  4. I keep the small boxes...someone always wants them!! I do not use them though. The bags... the big ones I will keep ..big boxes, and other stuff...TRASH!
  5. I'm wacky! I told the SA I didn't need the box, and chucked out the bag. I don't need extra clutter. But then I'm not an LV collector, just a user.
  6. I fold all (small) bags and put them in one very big LV BAG. This bag, containing all the other folded bags, is stored in a boxroom.
  7. Hmmm... good idea. I've always have my huge black shopping bag/tote with me when I get something from LV. I just throw everything in that bag! I just don't like walking around with a paper bag!
  8. I fill the armchair...:biggrin: my boyfriend is desperate!:biggrin::biggrin:
  9. I just store my boxes in the closet
  10. I don't get paper bags because all my purchases have been from elux.
    I need the boxes though, I usually stack up the boxes for easy storage.

    I have a very small collection right now, only 6 bags. But I can picture my collection growing in the future. What I do is I find a picture of my bag either from vuitton.com or elux, print it out on a piece of paper and cut it to a small picture, and stick the pictures outside the boxes. That way I don't have to guess what's inside the boxes.
  11. At this time, I have kept everything in my closet.
  12. The boxes are in the closet, the paper bags now hold stuff I need to donate to Goodwill.
  13. Everything is overflowing in the closet....I'm keeping it that way so hubby will cave and splurge on my custom closet organizer!
  14. I only have a couple...so I keep them! I can't throw them away...they're too pretty.
  15. I lined the small box for my monogram cles with some soft cloth and use it as a jewelry box.