What do you do with all those unwanted gifts?

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  1. Ok, Xmas is nearing and I am dreading all those unwanted gifts coming into the house, I dread clultter. I don't want to sound ungrateful but I am a person who is very picky and has everything that I want or need, this also applies to my children and husband.

    99.9% of any Christmas or Birthday gifts we receive sits in our good size basement that is pretty much filled with these unwanted gifts.

    I got criticized for asking what we want or ask for money or gift certificate. They think gifts should be fun and be surprised. I do understand if these were small inexpensive items but they're not.

    What would you do with all these unused gifts?
  2. Donate them to charity. Or to your church when it has a bazaar or white elephant sale.
  3. I'm the same way...very picky. I usually hide them in the closet and wait to either give them to my mom to sell at garage sales... :shame:
  4. donate to Goodwill...it feels good to give back..
  5. get store credit and get something i really want
  6. either i sell it or give it to my sisters or cousins or re-gifted to other people
  7. Donate it or give it to a friend who I know would like the gift.
  8. I have everything want..but for some reason I get excited for any gift, and I will put it to use. If its something I know I will not use I donate it to charity.
  9. put it in storage and forget about it, until its time to clean out the closet or whatever and then they to remeber where it came from. true story
  10. Donate them to charity/children's home and then suggest that family this year rather than buying gifts make donations to charity in your name, or even ask them to check out oxfam unwrapped.
  11. I'm also a bit picky, but that's because I feel I already have everything I need.
  12. get down in that basement and donate! don't let the clutter take over any space in your home.

    i do a huge donation before the holidays, when the kids are at school...they never really know what is missing.

    you will feel so good. if you can't tackle it all at one time, try 1 garbage bag/day. just put it in the back of your vehicle and take to goodwill.

    it feels as good as losing 10 pounds! but much easier!
  13. If the gifts can be returned to the store, then return/exchange or get store credit for them. If they are not returnable, then donate them to charity.

    I only exchange gifts with immediate family or a few very close friends. I cut down my gift list years ago because it got to be too much. Also, at work, I don't exchange anymore, but I try to bring in holiday food for the whole office instead of buying little knick knack gifts that are usually stuffed into a drawer.

    My office once in a while does a holiday ornament exchange - you bring one ornament of a certain dollar value, and then we play a game where you can open the ornament in front of everyone and someone can "steal" it from you no more than twice. It's fun - most of the time!
  14. i totally get you. i am a little bit too picky to appreciate all my gifts. i usually give to charity, sell on ebay, or regift.
  15. Regift, sell on ebay, donate to charity, return for store credit!