What do you do with all the paperwork on your bags???

  1. I'm so mad at myself, I was so good keeping all the little cards, receipts, and mini booklets that all of my bags and accessories have come with over the years. Well I got new furniture recently and just realized I can't find most of this for my older pieces, it could be around someplace but......I guess I'm being totally silly, after all I'm never going to try to sell anything but it's just bothering me right now, I mean, what the heck, it's not the only proof of real merchandise....
  2. Sorry to hear you lost it.But as you said that's not the only way to prove it's genuine and it really doesn't matter . I don't keep mine:shrugs: especially the receipts...hehehe I burn them!:devil: J/K I do hope they turn up:yes:
  3. I keep everything that comes with my bags. Just in case... :yes:
  4. I definitely keep everything..receipts, tags, booklets etc. I keep them all in a file organized by year so I can easily find which year things were bought in, in case the date on the receipt fades.
  5. I keep everything too. Keep all the stuff for each bag and accessory in it's box.
  6. I just keep my bills and toss everything else. Mind you, I lost half of my bills when we moved so I don't know what to do for insurance purposes now!:nuts:
  7. I keep everything as well, my system right now is to throw everything in a box, but once I move I'll have them neatly organized.
  8. I kinda forget about insurance purposes, I guess I should at least take pictures of everything I have, I've been buying these for 11 years, I def. don't have all the receipts.....I was just kinda upset about all the tags, and in the beginning I didn't really think much of the tags that came in the bags and probably threw them out anyway......I would imaging pictures would be better than nothing just in case something were to happen.
  9. I wish I was organized like you, I just am sooooooo busy with work, taking care of my house, bills, etc...so much stuff to keep track of (not that you may not have the same issues) I just flaked on my bags, I have to say though, if I had all my receipts, and went through them, I would get so depressed b/c I would see how much less I paid for everything 10 years ago, so maybe it's better I can't find them right now.
  10. Lol, luckily, I live with my parents but I have all the school things to keep track of so I just started the filing thing about a month ago haha. And I know, it's dangerous in a way...it's a way to see how even the little things QUICKLY add up :Push:
  11. I leave the tags in the inside pockets of my Speedies.
  12. I don't keep the tags and receipts.
  13. I used to stupidly throw everything away. Now I keep everything.
  14. If its for your Louis' take pictures of you holding the bag ( as you have now) print them out and give them to your ins company. I had to do that with my lv bags.
  15. i like to keep everything that comes with them. i store them Monica Geller status... like seriously. they all go in the largest LV box they give me.. and then they're in order from newest to oldest front to back (newest in front, oldest in back), and kept in their original envelopes that they came in (reciepts in the envelope - invitation style).. and if they dont have envelopes (if i buy from Saks instead for instance, i get a Saks reciept -- gross btw) they go in the envelope in front of it, but placed on the back side.

    yea i'm really picky. it's like a filing cabinet for all my papers/reciepts. i check every now and then to see what i grossed $$ to date. lol.