What do you do with a snap keyfob???

  1. I have to come up with another $24 to get free shipping... not sure what to get! This is cute -- does anybody have one and do you like it and what exactly is the snap part for?? :p

  2. snap it on the useless D ring in most bags!

    actually comes in handy...especially in bigger bags..makes it easier to find your keys
  3. I think Sarah (razorbackbelle) has one of these. Bet she has some good uses for it.

    I have my car and house keys on it and I use it everyday, it is VERY handy to clip whenever I need to set my keys down or be hands free. Snap onto my bag, my pants, anywhere! All of my bags have someplace I can clip them on with easy access.

    I have the White one.
  5. Thanks for the replies!

    Deweydrop and Kiari - ya sold me on it! :yes:
  6. I have one too and I love it! I clip it to the ring inside bags, clip it to my beltloop if I need my hands free...I have the silver one so it also makes my keys easier to spot when they are in my bag!
  7. I ordered the silver/crimson one! Think I may use it for my work keys...:yes:
  8. I used a bronze/brown one of those to extend the strap on my swing pack.
  9. I have the silver/crimson one and it is BEAUTIFUL! It keeps me from losing my keys. I clip it to my bags on either the outside or the D-Ring on the inside.
  10. PS....I have the silver one and the leather is like BUTTAH
  11. Oh - Smart idea!:yes:
  12. I have it in turquoise/silver - My big car key (with opener etc.) is on it separately, then I snap off I give to daughter when she borrows the car.
    She's also less likely to misplace if can attach it to something of hers.
  13. Oh, after reading more responses, now I'm thrilled I got it! I never really looked at it before and was just looking for something under $30 to order so I could get the free shipping! :lol: I think I made an excellent choice!
  14. Oh you did, trust me, it's the HANDIEST THING EVER.
  15. I have one and I love clipping it to my jeans, inside of my bag, outside of my bag, whenever I need my hands free or don't feel like unzipping my purse and messing about.