What do you do with a Lanyard besides hanging on the cell?

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  1. I bought a cupcake lanyard at the outlets recently, its too cute, but I can't put it on my phone bkz it dosen't have the lanyard hanging option. Sooo i wonder what else you could do with it? Where would you hang it other than your phone?
  2. I hang them on my Coach purse just like a key fob.
  3. I have my Coach lanyard on my digital camera. I just replaced the wrist strap with my lanyard but, I suppose you could have both on there. My lanyard is a signature loop lanyard though so, it works perfect!!

    You could always take the lanyard part off and make it into a necklace or a keychain or Fob. I think that cupcake lanyard would make a cute piece of jewelry.
  4. the Coach cherries lanyard looks great on my LV Damier Speedy 30 ;)
  5. Like others have posted, I have put mine on my digital camera or on my purse/wristlet. If you don't mind destroying the lanyard, you can also take off the charm and use it as a pendant on a necklace or combine a bunch of them on a bracelet and make your own charm bracelet!
  6. sounds like great ideas! I knew its gonna be good for something ;) It's too cute to pass up...
  7. I hang them on my purse and my keys... They are very light weight...

    I will hang one on my camera, that is a good idea Coach 10619
  8. I have put a Coach lanyard on my keys... decided the string looked to flimsy and gave it to my sister. She keeps it on her keys and it hasn't broken yet--guess I was wrong!
    A friend of mine has one on her camera.
  9. I hang them on my purse as well.:smile:
  10. I added mine to my keys. But swapping out the camera lanyard is a fabulous idea!
  11. For the lanyards that are just a small charm (ie, no leather loop to grab), I use it to decorate my camera in addition to the camera strap. It will last longer that way and my camera looks pretty! I also have a lanyard attached to the metal loop on a wristlet (where one end of the wristlet strap attaches).

    So I don't put any stress on the lanyard string, just use it to decorate.
  12. I have my cherries lanyard on my purse like a keyfob as well, love it there. I had it on my old cell phone for about a day before it bugged the crap out of me, so I took it off.
  13. I do the same :smile:
  14. I have put lanyards (the red apple leather pat. one) on the zipper pull of my leather jacket from wilsons I have.. and others on some of my other leather jackets so I don't have to worry if the lanyard will go through the wash by accident!
  15. I think I am going to turn my cherries lanyard into a necklace, it's so pretty!