What do you do when you're waiting for/waiting to buy a bag?


What do YOU do before you buy a bag?

  1. Do tons of research

  2. Go on Elux/Vuitton.com and look at all pics and read descriptions

  3. Save pictures onto computer for future viewing

  4. Look for as many pictures as I can from other websites

  5. Call SA about the bag more than once to make sure it's available

  6. Talk about it all the time to DH/DBF/friend/etc.

  7. Other (specify if you wish!)

  8. Say nothing, do nothing. I just buy the bag.

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  1. Before buying a bag, I usually read the description on Elux and vuitton.com like 1000 times and look at the animations and pics available on the sites over and over again. If I'm really obsessed with the bag (which...I usually am) I will go around TPF, eBay, whatever, and look for other people's pics and save them to my computer so I can look at them later. I'll do whatever research I can: read feedback, look at visual aids, search for possible problems with the bag, etc.

    I will also look at the size/dimensions of the bag and try to imagine how it'll look like on me and what I can fit inside.

    If I'm buying on eBay I'll save all the pics in the listing and look at them over and over again. I will also compare the one I bought to the others available on eBay and see if I got a good deal. If I'm buying from the boutique I will call/bug my SA to make sure that the bag is available for pick up the day I want it.

    I will also talk about it with my boyfriend alllll the time ("Oh I can't wait for my bag to arrive! No parcels for me today, it should be here within a few days because the seller used _________ shipping and it says here it should take _____ business days" or "Well I called today and they didn't have it available so I think I'll call again in a couple of days. Hopefully by then they'll have stock available...")

    Actually...I'm like that for ANYTHING. Before buying my Nokia 7390 I'd spend hours reading reviews on it.

    So, what do you ladies do?
  2. Lol well I don't really know much about what I buy before I get it, like if my name is on a waiting list or something. Then I go look at it in the store and will buy it 99% of the time. Mostly though, I just go in the store and if I see something I like, I'll try it on and buy it. I'm pretty quick in my decisions.
  3. I research it up the wazzoo! I check it out on ebay and stalk them and see what they go for. I learn about it's measurements, capacity to hold, cost, resale value and try to figure out when I'll be able to get it of course. Then I do a mental countdown, lol. I'll also come here and post a poll usually, lol, to check out/gauge other's perceptions of said bag. I did this for the red epi speedy I'm planning on next. On the ref. section of the LV forum, I asked about old and new red and concluded that old red would suit me more. And I was deciding between the mc speedy or alma and am leaning much more towards the speedy after seeing that nearly 50 people on the forum prefer that one. GL in your wait! I also check out how gals look w/ it on the visuals thread and sometimes save those pics under my bookmarks, lol.
  4. i usually go back to the boutique to look at it over and over again. and then i go home and look at the pictures and descriptions on elux over and over again. and then i call a friend to obssess over it. it's pretty pathetic, i know. :p but what can i do? when i like a bag i think about it day and night.
  5. i do go to eLuxury and vuitton.com to look at the pictures, but the one (weird) thing i always do is to bring out my measuring tape and see if the dimensions of the bag will suit me. if it's a good-sized bag, i'll buy it. i don't really ponder too long over it
  6. I generally look and obsess on Eluxury and vuitton.com and then rock up to the boutique to have a look, then try on the bag to make a decision. :biggrin:
  7. I'll do tons of research via Elux, vuitton.com and TPF, but the final decision will lies on seeing and trying out the item IRL.
  8. I usually research and look at pictures for awhile, test the waters with the husband to see if he will ease up on my purse ban, look at more pictures and obsess until its mine.
  9. LOL.....Karman, you would be the perfect person who could help me buy a car !!!!!
  10. Karman,
    Everything that you wrote is basically what I do! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. In fact, I open a separate page so I can go to elux WHILE I hang around tPF. :0P
  11. I normally research for a few pix...then if I really like what I see, I drive to an LV store and try it out....then take it home...hehe...that's why i HATE going into LV stores...cuz I KNOW I will never come out empty handed...will only go in if I'm saved up and ready to buy...
  12. Karman: you and I are on the same page. I do tons of research (TPF, LV site, Elux, etc.) and analyzing before the actual purchase. With me, money don't come easy these days (saving for a home, marriage, blahblah) so careful consideration must be honored.
  13. OMG...I'm like a crazy nut when I'm deciding about a bag. It's like I STALK the bag! LOL!

    First I will look at it on Elux, then I'll look for it on tPF. I save pics of it to my computer and just stare at it. Sometimes, if I need to figure a size question...I will take a piece of paper and draw out the measurements. I will ask my hubby what he thinks, my great tPF friend, Shoes319, what she thinks.

    Then...I will put another pic of another bag next to that pic and stare at them both and see if I really like the bag compared to others.

    All this...and I still haven't made a whole year with the same bag without selling!!

    Told you guys I'm nuts.
  14. This is so funny - I do exactly what you do. I also do a search on here to read everything everyone has written about the bag I'm obsessing over. By the time I buy it I'm practically salivating!
  15. I actually do all of the above lol.