What do you do when you're supposed to be on a ban...

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  1. because you have been buying way too many bags lately and you just saw the Coco Puzzle bag IRL and it is in your favourite leather, patent, your favourite colour, navy, with gold h/w, and your favourite size, 226.............................:Push: [But I must not....] Advice advice advice.

    Urgh, cannot get the bag out of my head.

    You girls reckon if I may still be able to purchase this bag in June?
  2. If I am on a ban and I see something I MUST HAVE, I just dig through my closet and sell something to balance everything out.
  3. :supacool::Push::shrugs:Go get her .......June is soooooooooooooo far away.........who knows what can happen between now and then.........post pics:heart:H
  4. Depends on why you're on the ban? LOL. I know how you feel.
    I'm on a ban because I have really spent too much on bags recently. I'm trying to stay strong and will only buy if I can sell to (1) make enough space (2) have enough funds to buy a new bag.
    Can't tell you if the bag will still be there in June, but I'm sure you'll be able to find it - maybe there'll be a markdown as well?????
    Good luck and stay strong!
  5. I know that it is sooooo hard, but I'd wait til June. You will find it and you will enjoy it more!! :smile:
  6. It sucks being on a ban. I know how you feel. I, too on a self-declared ban. Unfortunately, I have declared that over a year ago, and yet, too date, I think I have bought atleast 4 bags!! 3 bags this year alone (until March). And yet, I am in a "BAN". LOL. Last night, I dreamt I bought another two bags from Chanel. Oh dear. These dreams are horrible! Usually, when I dream of a bag, it means I have to have it. If I admire a bag, or any item...I must dream about it...something like fate. Hahah. It's meant to be. But if I don't dream about it...it's fine :smile:

    This goes for a car too. At one point, I was obsessed with a Red Mini Cooper. Every single day I see it...here and there, but funnily enough, I didn't dream of it. So, it's not meant to be.

    I wish everyone one (incl. myself) good luck with our "handbag ban".
  7. I just don't stop by Chanel or look online or anything.. too tempting! The times that I DO happen to look at Chanels, then my ban is over lol
  8. If you need to wait then trust you will find it when you can buy.
  9. No no, get her, ban or no ban:tup:; she might be gone by June:wtf:.
  10. Wait .... it's not on your wishlist. What would you if one of your wishlist items popped up and you couldn't get it b/c of this 'off-ban' purchase?
  11. If you really cant handle it financially.. you should probably wait, but if you can manage.. id go for it!! You don't want to regret not getting it and posting the bag's name on the "Purses you regret not buying" thread!! Good luck with whatever you do! I know bans can be really hard, especially with Chanel!
  12. I'm with bisousx on this one.:yes:I stay away from the internet. Too tempting.
    I like sunny2 have gone through my closet & weeded one or two out. I hate to:crybaby:,but it helps with the cost of a new one.:smile:
  13. Well, Miffy, my dear... If you gonna buy it anyway in June... (can you see where I'm going with this?) You might as well just buy it now and get it over with?:rolleyes: I mean IF you are planning to get it anyway, why agonize over it? You get to enjoy her sooner if you grab her right now...:okay:
  14. BTW, did you get on the list for the new Union Jacks? One is supposed to be velvet (but I forget how it's supposed to look) and the other one is like a large wristlet. It's not good as the flap they made before but I thought it was cute enough (especially with the little crown over CC) and put my name down for one.
  15. Absolutely spot on!! You're right, it's not even on my wish list!! And between the Coco puzzle and the Union Jack flap, I would die for the Union Jack. :drool: